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Have to say a big THANK YOU to all those who chose to "serve" our Military. Have a special VETERANS DAY today.

I have an old friend...still alive.....who not only went to Vietnam, but served in a danger zone....and had this charming sarcastic card made. I have the original on my bookshelf.

Note...he's got a grenade in the hand that's also making a peace sign.

He knew then - and still knows today - the hypocrisy of war....

Robecology 9 Nov 11

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Thank You for posting this. Thank you to all who served from myself as well. This card, the idea on the card it reminds me of this post I read some time back, and it is a valid question and consideration, that has to be always be remembered and never taken lightly. And the sacrifice of putting your own life on the line for the cause of the greater good, ideas we have to remember and honor.

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