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Perhaps some hope in regaining truth...this is a message I got on Facebook that was shaded on a post:

Conclusion: False
The primary claims in the information are factually inaccurate.
Fact-Check from Lead Stories

False: The tweet was posted by a fake Robert Mueller account that was then suspended.
Did Robert Mueller tweet a reply to President Donald Trump's tweet that "not a single American citizen has been charged with anything related to Russian collusion"? No, that's not true:
Curious how Facebook works with independent fact-checking organizations? Learn more

lerlo 8 Nov 18

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. . . first mistake -- thinking FB was a reasonable place to get non-fake news. 😛

@FearlessFly as with all assumptions, they tend to be wrong. Not sure how fine tuned your facebook is but since I don't have control over what any of my friends post, upon opening my screen this was the first post that showed up. I think it's a good move by facebook to make an attempt to keep out the b.s. and fact check if they are going to allow anything and everything to be posted. I get my news elsewhere.

@lerlo I will never use FB, but :


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