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Today I taught Lia (10) how to start and tend a fire. Also how to extinguish the fire safely. She paid attention and even sang Kumbaya while burning the contents of the waste paper baskets. She has a strange sense of humor.
I think that tending a fire, planting seeds and plants, cooking potatoes and making pancankes are all life skills grandparents should teach their grandchildren. Her brother (22) learned to cook in my kitchen, and I like to think that his success with beautiful young women has some of its roots in his ability to make a decent breakfast.
I never felt the need to sell up and move somewhere else after retiring. Of course, it helps that I really like winter much more than endless summer. What are you teaching your children and grandchildren?

Spinliesel 8 Nov 18

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Had the seemingly rare opportunity to be the primary caregiver from birth for both my/ our daughters.. Did some homeschooling, too. In the wilderness, I more so allowed them to learn. Now, they’ve little to nothing in common with most their age. But, they’ve an understanding and appreciation of nature few do.

Both have mates, at the moment. No marriages or grandchildren, yet.. Though I was thinking just today ..about what I’d have to offer a likely rarely seen grandchild? Unconditional love and some experienced discipline, I suspect 🙂

Varn Level 8 Nov 19, 2019

My grands are a bit young yet, the oldest is not yet 3. My girls are all good cooks and quite adventurous in the kitchen. They were all around plants and gardening somewhat. One of them cans and preserves foods, which I never got into (we moved too often.) They all have some pyro tendencies, yes we like to play with fire 🙂 One can sew if she has to, the other do some other DIY stuff. I don't plan to ever move, all the kids are within the greater metro area and I want to watch the babies grow up.

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