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The hardest part of Human Service work is becoming close with clients who you eventually won't see again. "You're the reason why I woke up this morning, I remembered you work today!" was told to me by someone I'm strongly bonded with. My internship is coming to an end in December. I don't have the time to volunteer at the moment.

But in real life, this happens in Human Services, not just leaving an internship. People come and go. You can't keep in touch with former clients in most agencies. You also simply don't have the time.

It is hard realizing that you are their worker and not their friend ( as I was taught in school). But you also have to realize that at least you made an impact on their life. I will be sad to leave this place in December.

vjohnson51 7 Nov 18

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If you made a positive difference in even one life, you’ve done more than many people do. Be proud of what you accomplished and it sounds like you will return to do more at another time. Life goes on!

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