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Hello I just joined today. And I am hoping ro meet some sane people. I have never really done to much online stuff. But I am tired of meeting people in both relationships and friends. And having the one question the not one person on Earth can answer pop up! I am a really nice person. But getting to a point where I hate religion. And the people who follow it. So I figured I would try this. Has this site helped any of you guys meet normal people?

WesShumaker 3 Nov 24

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No one is sane here except me and you--and I am not truly sure if you are.


Define normal..


Normal? ha ha

Hi and welcome. You can at least escape religious people here.


I, for one, am SO glad I moved from a deep red county in Oregon to a liberal town in Washington. Oh, the weight of keeping my pagan attitude quiet was eating my soul, and now I'm free to breathe. The politics of the day don't make matters any easier, that's for sure.


Welcome! I am a normal person and have met other normal people here 🙂. Of course, I have a broad definition of what is "normal."


No, this site hasn't been an answer to meeting people. "Normal" is subjective, but no, regardless.

(I'm a part time anti-theist. I believe that comes from living in the Bible Belt because prior to living here, I didn't find religion as deplorable as I do now.)


I also joined to find other like minded people, everybody seems religious these days and I can't pretend I like church.

Only in the US do they all or many seem to be religious. In other countries, even in Islamic ones they just don't care.


Welcome. There are so many wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, friendly people on this site. Explore and see what tickles your fancy. Enjoy!


Welcome to the site! Thanks for completing your Bio. The best way to utilize the site is the jump in and start making comments and replying to comments from others. There are a lot of really smart and kind people on the site, along with a few that try to stir up trouble. I look forward to your contribution of thoughts.


We're all mad here. [fades into a grin]


Welcome but don't expect normal here

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 24, 2019

Welcome! It's a good place to discuss open opinions. But you do need to weed out some from time to time.

I think that's anywhere! There's a few nut jobs in every group.

@WesShumaker truth!


Welcome to the site, now define sane, normal.🤔🤪😉🤣

Just non judgemental! I think I worded that wrong there is no normal! Just people that can think for themselves.

@WesShumaker yeah, like that.


Just people who don't fall for bullshit.


I have met plenty of "normal" people here but then what is "normal". Welcome.

Just not judgemental a holes that hate anyone that actually uses there brain.


Welcome! Some people have found love on Many people are here for the community. There are no fit, liberal men close to my age who live near me and love hiking on

What do you consider "normal people"? What is normal behavior to one person can be strange or disturbing to another.

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Hi welcome from the isle of wight. I havnt been here myself for long myself


I did not join to meet normal OR abnormal people. I meet them in person.

alon Level 6 Nov 24, 2019

Hello back at ya.......I don't're hoping to meet some sane people??? Well, there are, possibly, some women here that probably fit that billing...though you'd want to be careful....they tough, don't take no sass, and......they bite back. " many people tell me," and "they say" is mostly discouraged here....don't know why


Welcome, Wes! While I have yet to meet anyone f2f via the site, I have enjoyed the postings and various groups here. Imo, most of what I read is not nearly as vapid and entirely self-absorbed as is typical on most other social media platforms.


Hi, I am new here as well and this my first comment. I consider myself sane but that is obviously relative to what that actually means across the general population. I am with you on the hating of religion. I hated it from a very young age. My parents, being Italian, thought that they should send me to catholic schools. Well that is a long story. So I'll skip the details of that experience. When I left high school and searched for my own spirituality I found out so much more about myself and the world around me. I was awakened to how oppressive that whole religious journey all the way to my 18th birthday was. So to get back to you getting to a point where you hate religion well you made me think about it. I hated religion from a very young age but in recent years I seem to feel that it makes even more pissed off than usual. There are so many reasons why that I could not write it all down here. So anyway welcome and I hope you find some enjoyment from this site.


There quite a few people who have met irl on here and some romances. If you click on "members" that will show you. I believe there are some near Dallas.
You are not alone in hating religion and I am sure that you will find some cyber friends at least on here

People here do seem a lot more open minded.

@WesShumaker Not to say that we do not have our moments and one or two intransigent members but I will say that we try to be reasonable. In the absence of any higher power or book to tell us what is right. We can only fall back on reason.


Howdy and welcome here.


Probably look in the hallowed halls of Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha for normal!


What do you consider normal? Isn't normal relatively? More honest people though. Willing to tell truth vs fiction...

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