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Evangelical Christianity is NO Pillar of Piety: Part III

They would have you believe that they are the leading force for good in our country, but evangelical Christianity is poisoning our people, culture, democracy and Country. They are spreading ethnocentrism, racism, and attempting to kill our democracy.
The most powerful evangelical group is the Southern Baptist Convention. It MUST be noted that the Convention was formed as a breakaway sect from the larger Baptist church in 1860 specifically to support the Confederacy and the institution of slavery. It began the pernicious comingling of religion and politics which plagues our country today. It continued its support of racism, segregation, and oppression openly through the 1960s with not a single Black person among its leadership for over a century. The Convention still supports racism and ethnocentrism today (although it won't admit it).
It does condone bigotry by permitting many openly racist pastors to be recognized as Baptist ministers, and by allowing racist congregations to select or "call" their own pastors. Guess which ministers the congregations that are bigoted pick?
Baptists are providing the cues that other evangelical groups are following. Leaders from all of them are clearly and unequivocally backing men from Trump down to the local level who are clearly totally morally bankrupt in a conspiracy. The terms of that conspiracy are freedom to loot and dominate our culture for the culture of greed, and for evangelicals the freedom to force aspects of their dogma down our throats.

Evangelical Christianity, for all of its purported piety, is largely morally bankrupt and, unless stopped will destroy our democracy. We MUST expose their vile cabal before it enslaves us.

wordywalt 8 Nov 19

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I completely agree. And they don't even care if their political exponents are child molesters; so long as they will support a hard-right, bigoted agenda, they get a free pass.

These people aren't Christians. They're theocratic fascists. They are the enemies of our country.

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