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Kudos to all the parents and caregivers who get the kids up, fed, dressed, teeth and hair brushed, and off to school every day.
Much respect.

KKGator 9 Dec 16

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All parents do it

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 16, 2019

Not all, and some do it much better than others.


Hon, it's not that difficult..

That's definitely a matter of opinion.


Did it for years....glad they're grown and on their own.


I know I could never do it, nice to be able to have that choice

1of5 Level 8 Dec 16, 2019

I'm helping out for a few days while my nephew and his wife are out of town.
It's good to know I'll only have to do this on a very temporary basis.

@KKGator your a braver soul than I, that's for sure.

Short time frame, absolute end time, a temporary relaxation of some laws regarding using minors as labor, and being paid in something besides love would be nonnegotiable points for me to even consider doing something like that.

@1of5 Nothing is "free".
I also have no issue with child labor around here.


...and the irony of that seemingly never-ending thankless work that it eventually does end.. then you’ll miss it forever ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 16, 2019

YES!! To do it well is not easy. Thanks for giving all Moms a shout out!

This old aunt needs more coffee!!!

Btw, I'm not claiming to be doing it "well".
As long as I hit the important stuff and get them on the bus, I'm gonna call it a win.

@KKGator All ya need is love. Kids are resilent.

..Moms? Yur around 20 years behind the times … but I got used to it 😉

@Varn A broad generalization to be sure. I love to see the men not buying into the universal paternalistic world view. You go Dad.


Agreed! I’ve done my time with kids. Might have some with parents in the future.


I often wished for a whip and a chair when my kids were school aged. They have turned into amazing, responsible adults, so I did something right. Now I get to watch them reinvent the wheel. Payback!


I trust that includes caregivers for the aged too!
Not that kids aren't a very rewarding challenge too!

No. I wasn't including them, because that wasn't the point of my post.

I made the post because that's what I am doing for a few days.
I've never had to do it before, and I was expressing my admiration for those who do it every day.

Of course those who provide care for anyone deserve respect.
But goddamn, not every expression needs to be all inclusive.


Well ... Okay ....

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