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Today ends my 30 day Facebook hiatus. I wish I had some big revelation to discuss, but I don't. The only thing I noticed is how much I did not miss it! I plan to continue limiting my Facebook use.

NicThePoet 7 Mar 26

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If you should decide to delete your FB account, I would recommend the platform Minds for your social media needs, and they don't censor like FB is known to do.


Nice job. I'm slowly moving away.


I don't miss the social aspects but I have professional interests there, as I did in Myspace and Yahoo before them.

My Tales from the Last Inn page is there as well as several for the models I work with.

I have as many "chat friends" here as there and I generally prefer those here. They are much more literate and accepting.


Since I found, Facebook is BOR RING. Cute puppies, though.

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