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Please allow me to express my most sincerest sympathies to everyone considering that it most certainly appears that yet another 'Preaching Pest' will be joining Ken Ham, etc, in America sometime soon.
The 'Preaching Pest' I refer and in my opinion btw, is none other than Israel Folau, YES, that Israel Folau, the Pulpit Pounding, God-bothering, self-righteous ( in my opinion) Tongan Rugby League Player.
So please accept my sympathies in advance.

Triphid 8 Dec 18

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Oh shit I forgot to mention that he also and out and out Homophobic as well, please accept my apologies for the memory slip.


That's OK. One more won't make much of a difference.

Have you read his comments made in the Australian papers?
Reading them may just change your mind on that one I think, he'd, imho, rate far far worse than Ham could ever manage in a billion life-times.

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