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Two volunteer fire fighters died and three injured overnight as a tree fell on their truck. A coroners report will determine if it could have been prevented.
Aussies love our volunteer firefighters. It is deeply ingrained And began with colonisation. AborIginals typically didn’t have fixed structures to defend and were nomadic so they could summer away from the worst.
Our Volunteer firies are rewarded in satisfaction at doing their best but they sacrifice their income and their safety for our communities. It isn’t possible to reward these men and woman enough. Thank you firies. .

What does it take to walk, steadfast into a forest on fire;
To stand your ground resolute, as the roaring flames rage higher;
To leave the ones that you love when once again fire calls;
To know that this could be it, the day that before it you fall?
Yet still you walk out that door;
Go into battle once more.

What does it take to stand, as the last brave line of defence;
To face flames racing towards you, burning, raging, intense;
To fight for a strangers home, not knowing if your own still stands;
To choke in the blinding smoke, with just a hose in your hands?
Yet still you give it no ground,
So desperate to turn it around.

What does it take to heal, from the blackened horrors you see;
To walk away from the losses, to try and get your mind free;
To turn again to the flames, remembering those you lost;
To shoulder the weight of it all, to face a new holocaust?
Yet still you walk out the door,
And fight for us all once more.

Author: K.Hadley

Grahame 6 Dec 19

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A good post.
I loved your Aussie word ... "Firies"

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