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Republicans Impeach Judges Who Blocked Their Gerrymandering

What happened to the rule of law? This is fascist tactics.

EdEarl 8 Mar 26

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Here is sorta republican response:


"Pennsylvania Republicans, controlling 59 percent of the House and 68 percent of the Senate, are not just making noise: they have the votes to finish the job."

cava Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Republicans do not know when to give up...they would "beat a dead horse!' They don't know the meaning of 'sharing power!' This new type of GOP, really has done great harm, to our government order and there seems to be no change in sight! I just keep believing that the pendelum will soon swing back from their hate filled ideas!

It will be a battle, I fear.


They are republicans and think they can do what they want. Same reason 2.9 million more people voted for Clinton and you see who's in the Whitehouse. Republicans care about their party and money nothing else. They think they should be able to do any dirty shit in business they want without reproach, but want to tell us how to . Live our lives. Anybody that votes for a republican this fall, having shit for brains would be an improvment.

Those who oppose them must cast their vote in primaries and general elections

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