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Edit When talking to one person that asked about a personal opinion about a religious subject and another person that is not apart of the conversation feels the need to interject their opinion on the matter in the negative, what is the best response?

Bookforge 5 Mar 27

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Well, that is a problem, isn't it? I would have to say that if you're not open to other opinions, then hold your conversations in private. Particularly if you're averse to dissenting opinion.

What I'm saying here is that this is a free country, or it should be, and anyone who wishes to state an opinion on anything should be allowed to do so. I understand that when we are holding a conversation verbally, there are certain elements of courtesy involved and those vary with how and where the conversation is being held. If we're talking about the media, such is not the case.

So, it's your choice how you respond, but please bear in mind that this is a free country.

@Bookforge -- I would (since I can't speak for you) simply acknowledge her opinion and continue with the teacher. If she persisted, then it would be fair to inquire about how she supports her opinion.

It doesn't pay to get emotionally involved with such people because nothing constructive will come of it most of the time and you wind up making yourself look just as bad as they.

One of the questions I have for "believers" is: Is it remotely possible that what you believe is wrong?

Why that question? If the answer is in the affirmative, then there is room for further discussion. If it is negative, there is no conversation possible. The negative response will be the most common.

As for your answer to the teacher, you are in large part quite correct. They do have a heavy emotional investment to protect. Another element is that they are generally a little uncertain about it all and anything that tends to shake those foundations more is to be avoided at all cost.

Anyway, you were on solid ground in the first part. How did you respond to our little interloper?


I would then just drop the subject or walk away and forget about it. I have other things to be more concerned about.


I am not sure I understand your hypothetical. If someone asks me about a religious subject and I respond in the negative, why do I get to say how the other person should respond to my response? It's up to them.


Depends on who the people are and the situation.
Door knockers - your choice! Anything from shutting the door in their face to wasting as much time arguing with them til you canget bored or they leave.
Annoying street preacher - again a wide choice anything from exaggerated eye roll and walk on to heckling if your the type.
From there choices narrow but I would say how ever you answer... keep it respectful and you should be good.


Shrug, murmur, "Um-hum," and move away, or you could change the subject, ignore them, etc. Just act like you don't care one way or the other, and aren't interested in pursuing it.


Fuck off

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