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One of my favorite Atheists in the public eye is Seth McFarlane. He's intelligent, owns up to his mistakes, has a voice like melted honey butter (his "What Are You Doing New Years Eve gives me goosebumps), and he is VOCAL about it. Whos ypur favorite celebrity atheist?

Kaycee 4 Mar 27

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I like Seth MacFarlane as well. The guy has so much talent. He acts, does so many voices, writes and sings. He's a one man entertainment production.


My favorite Atheist has to be Steven Hawking. It was about time, that someone with clout, came out and said "God is not real". I wish Neil deGrasse Tyson would be more vocal, but he will not commit. I'm a little irritated by Bill Nye, his TV show and some of the things he's done, comes off as a little arrogant. "Bill Nye Saves the World?" I wish Bill Nye would take a little time off and do some real science. It would be easier to defend him as a spokesman, if he had a little more "street cred", IE projects under his belt to solidify his stance as a "real" scientist.


Wil Wheaton ❤

Lauxa Level 5 Mar 28, 2018

I also love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, both have protrayed both very serious and very funny characters much like McFarlane


Eddie Izzard.

He used to day he was catholic lol


You're entirely correct about the voice swoon.

Which voice? He has so many.


Richard Dawkins.


I didn't know him before The Orville. I really liked it. The last episode of season 1 was a cracker, and very Roddenberrian in theme. Loved Ms Palacki, his no 1 "Kelly". Georgeous girl. There are many atheist celebrities I like. Can't choose just one.

Omg Orville just cemented my love for him. I had never actually like LOOKED at him, just heard his voicework and music, and saw his writing. Hes actually very handsome. And Capt Mercers relationship with Kelly was so sweet.

@Kaycee I can't wait for season 2. It's in production now, but we have a few more months before we get to see them.


Ricky Gervsias, bill Maher, Seth McFarlane

Ricky gervais is so goofy, I love him lol


Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Penn Jillette.

Stephen Fry is so done with peoples bs too, hes awesome


I like Seth McFarlane.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Seth, the late Stephen Hawkins... I have a hard time with names... My son would know the rest of them lol

Byrd Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Yasss I love NDT!


If u wish to understand something about true atheist,u must first read THE GREAT MARTRY BHAGAT SINGH. And must read about his letter WHY I AM AN ATHEIST?

FAIZ Level 5 Mar 27, 2018

Uh...that doesnt really answer the question I asked but thanks for the input. Ill put it on my list of summer reading - kinda busy with work and college classes until May.

@Kaycee i'm not overlapping ur view whether i'm giving u a suggestion from my own will. And it feels good that u read about such person,may be my way of writing,compell me wrong! But my idol is great martry bhagat Singh.

@Kaycee and also good to listen (^-^) that u will read about him.


Can it be an
Neil deGrasse Tyson is my favorite, followed closely by Seth McFarlane. Seth's show Orville had become one of my favorite shows, just bummed I have to wait until the end of this year to watch it again.

Ive been waiting to find out if it was renewed for a season 2! I mean, they couldve left it at rhe end of season 1 because most loose ends were tied but I was hoping we'd get more lol


Ricky Gervais is hilarious about his atheism, and not really mean-spirited about it.

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