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Has anyone else noticed the serious bias of the Facebook administrators in issuing punishments? Facebook itself claims to be liberal, but I have now been banned 3 days twice for calling someone stupid while they make genocidal statements and threats and I get told "these don't violate community standards"

It's total bullshit. I feel like the Facebook admins are completely unfair towards me, and of course I can't even dispute it. Ugh it's so stupid.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Mar 27

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Someone once threatened to have me banned from a page by contacting the administrator and I all but dared her. I told her that what I said would not raise any red flags and that even her complaints to the page administrator would fall on deaf ears. I'm still there.


I think the distinction is aiming the insut at an individual versus making a general statement of intent, vague or explicit. Thus, your calling an individual stupid is considered a problem while their calling for violent action against some group is not, since noone is specifically called out in said group.

Instead, try reporting the post for the obvious reasons (are they serious, or are they just talking, we can NOT know so it's advocating violence and thus should NOT be posted). In this way, you alert the authorities to look into the individual calling for inappropriate action while not getting yourself in trouble.

I go about reporting any posts I see from Right WingNuts every chance I get... especially... is it Jones? He is dangerously twisted about. Limbaugh when I get the chance (don't see him or his material posted much). Etc. I got noticed that one of the Jones posts was pulled, and that made me feel warm and fuzzy. 🙂


Facebook seems to be challenging our creativity. I know of many on the far Right with the same laments.

The trick is to insult, if that is your intent, indirectly instead of just calling names. It is juvenile and boriing to call other individuals (not movements or large crowds of the deluded) names aimed only at arresting conversation. Let me cite an exampe of only one way I've used a couple of times when being called an 'idiot'; a label I bask under when it comes from usual sources.

I explain that words mean things and people should familiarize themselves with meanings before loosely throwing them around. It only adds to confusion. An 'idiot' by original meaning, was a person developmentally arrested between ages 1 and 3. Two other oft misused terms are imbecile and moron; also archaic terms designating levels of intellectual arrest, ages 4-7 and 8-12 respectively. I go on to point out that many adults arrested in the category of moron are, like most 8-12 year olds, literate, physically strong, capable of simple everyday unskilled work and tasks like driving and posting asinine comments on facebook.

The beauty of that kind statement lies in its 'fly-over' quality for the botched and cattle-prodding efficacy + or - on everyone else. 🙂


Yeah, I got a 30 day bam a few years ago for creating and spreading a meme that (acid) burning a woman is fine, but burning a Qur'an will send believers to hell and get them jail time.

I understand Facebooks censors are Moroccans.


Yes that is the definition of BS.

I haven't been banned yet - but no one has threatened me either.
The term "Postal" comes to mind.

People can go on racist tirades and threaten children and post hateful threats against people but HEAVEN FORBID you say someone's stupid

@LadyAlyxandrea I now understand why I keep getting called liberal and snowflake - it's not the word "stupid". Try "Stoopid" - more satisfying.

Also FB standards boogle my mind. Every person I've ever reported for hate mongering has gotten a pass. I have the list to prove it.


Don't violate community standards?! WTF?!!


I didn't know that they had punishments, so it's a good day I learned something new.

This is the second time I've been locked out for 3 days for calling someone who actually threatened me stupid

@LadyAlyxandrea Since finding this site I rarely go on FB anymore


There are many companies I don't do business with because of the way they treat customers. If they do that to enough people they eventually will lose customers then hopefully they will change their ways.

dc65 Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Then do not use Facebook anymore. You can use another social media.

dc65 Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

I’ve have already had a 30 day ban 3 days is for amateurs Lol

LOL 3 days is for amateurs - bah hahahaha

We are not insulting you Lady Alyxandrea - we are just letting you know that:

  1. you are not alone and
  2. there are some of us out here who have gotten into worse trouble on FB.

I think if you are Russian you get away with a lot more "violations" than if you are an American. Not sure why Zuckerbutt has such a double standard but maybe its because we don't pay him Reubels.

So I just got off my 30 day fb jail stint - you are in good company sir! lol 😉 Are we FB Felons? All I did was suggest to an NRAss who claimed that owning his guns was as American as Apple Pie - that he treat those guns the way he would the Apple Pie and BAM! FB Jail for 30 days!!! ROTFLMFAO!

Before that when an NRAss said "you will only take my guns from my cold dead hands" all I did was suggest that this was a viable option that I had no objection to and BAM! Facebook jail for 3 day (I was an amateur back then). But I am going to practice my "fly-over" skills from now on! lol

I wish, I so WISH there was an alternative to FB.....

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