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Happy New Year, you godless heathens!!!

KKGator 9 Jan 1

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Back atcha kid!


And a Happy New year to you the Georgia Peach.

No one has ever called me that. Like, EVER.
Happy New Year, Glenn!!!


Happy New Year to you as well. The is starting of good since I got the eve and day off from work. I can't remember the last time that happened.

Thanks!! Hope you enjoy your day off!


LOL! Here's to all the best in 2020 and beyond. I do enjoy your posts and comments. Cheers to the new year. D

Thank you!!


Is godless heathen a redundancy? So I Googled it, and heathen is someone who does not believe in the Abrahamic religions, so not redundant and I accept the sobriquet of godless heathen with grace and dignity.

I love that you looked it up!
You are one of my favorite people!
I wish you ALL good things, this year and every year!!

@KKGator Thank you!! And right back atcha! I hope 2020 brings us what our hearts desire most, the restoration of common sense, dignity, and humanity to the government of the US.

@HippieChick58 To which aspiration I am tempted to remark "Amen".


May your year be free of evangelists and witnesses on your doorstep.

Thanks, and I hope the same for you!!


Happy New Year to you, too!

Thank you!


An to you hell bound infidel

Thank you!!!


have a Dandy KK!

Thank you!!!


And also to you 😉

Thank you!!

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