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Sounds like a plan to me. Stay at a Holiday Inn for retirement. []

ToolGuy 9 Jan 15

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Youre forgetting that lots of seniors need the kind of care (from cooking cleaning errands, to help with meds, to actual supervision) that you can't get outside of a "home" (residential facilities heing a huge number of sub types of care). Picking a good place that meets your needs is far more practical than the fantasy of resort living this guy thinks hes signing up for.

Cant tell you how many people I've seen go from hospital to bottom tier nursing facilities ( no "nicer" place is going to accept a catastrophically ill resident). People whove tried to live independently when they couldnt, simply because they didnt feel like they needed the care they actually needed, arent smart or wise. Dollar numbers are a poor excuse for intelligence- though certainly a common one for people with dementia, who can't grasp less than immediate concepts.

If this guy is capable of independent living, he should be at home (much cheaper) including downsizing to a resort condo or such (still much cheaper). If he's got nursing homes on his mind, hes probably responding to an actual need that he doesnt want to face.

If I were a hotel owner, I'd kick anyone out who tried this. Absolutely not interested in that level of liability. The pricing system in US health are sucks, but the solution is not to try to pawn of care for out seniors, to corporate bottom feeders and their wage labor workers.


Sounds like a good plan to me..............thats if you want to spend ones twilight years in the company of transients in a chicken shit hotel, reducing your possibility of having an intelligent conversation ever again by 99.9% ! Utter hell!


I've heard about groups getting floating city cruise ships. Lol.
Supposedly they have periodic votes to decide the next destination.
I'm not a cruise person but I can see how people would go for it.


But if you can't afford the Holiday Inn's prices, then go to Switzerland, buy a real-looking toy plastic gun, and go rob a bank. With any luck, you'll get life in prison which includes room, meals, and excellent medical care.

You don't have to go to another country to do that.

@jlynn37 depends on the healthcare you need. Prisons and jails aint pretty.

@Burner Yeah, I'm just joking around. I'd rather go out in the woods and live in a damn tent that have to lose my freedom.

@mischl living in a tent in the woods is hardly freedom. But if you pay your insurance bill each month, hey why not


Hmmmm....might be worth thinking about.

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