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It amazing that all of the authoritarian political leaders around the world are behaving in the same manner when they are inevitably caught in their pilfering and misuse of power. They all proclaim that they are facing witch hunts and that they are completely innocent—even as pure as the driven snow. They all emit the putrid stench of greed and corruption as they seek to extract and maintain power, privilege, and profit.

And, in all cases, they are being kept in power by characterless toadies who fall all over themselves in embarrassing manners as they try to ignore and rationalize the obvious corruption of the leader. Those obsequious fawners and apologists have lost all semblances of honor and patriotism in their lust to feed on the gravy train of power, privilege, and profit. The best way to get these corrupt leaders out of power and keep them out is to sweep out their toadies, one by one—and make sure that they are not being replaced by another crop of political figures seeking to serve only themselves, not the people or country.

wordywalt 8 Jan 22

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Nothing new here though, Walt, much the pity.

Always have always will.

Sadly, you are probably correct.

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