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Hell refuses to accept any more Catholic priests.

MissKathleen 9 Jan 25

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They interviewed Satan himself? Cool.

I hope they kept his phone number. I've never been much for praying to the bearded guy/gal but I might be willing to make a deal somewhere else if they offer good terms.😎


With no priests or preachers, hell doesn't sound so bad! Sure beats singing praises to a narcissistic diety for eternity.


I don't know why they did accept any at all. Most of them are hypocrites.


They have some standards.


Hell must also not like those priests who don't let others know about the confessions of those molesters that they don't let others know about, one of the biggest parts of catholic indoctrination.


Shit, that means there’s no room for me. I was looking forward to chatting with the interesting people.

@MissKathleen No but if they won’t let them in they sure won’t let me in!

I was promised a residence in the 6th Circle of heretics when I told a catholic person I had taken communion but not been confirmed!!!!

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