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I am currently teaching myself web development and German (one is going better than the other... I'll let you decide). I'm curious: If you taught yourself something or if you would LIKE to teach yourself something, what was/is it? What was the most challenging thing you ever taught yourself?

ReBrew2115 6 Mar 28

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Book learning is okay, but actual learning will come from constant intermingling on a daily basis (communicating, TV, reading etc). My spanish has gotten pretty rusty cause I don't speak it like when I was growing up. An English speaking society will do that.

Trod Level 5 Apr 23, 2018

Learning another language. I spent five years in Germany (two tours), courtesy if the US Army back in the 70's and have been back there for the last two years. Would love to learn the language. Which program are you learning?

Trod Level 5 Apr 19, 2018

No program. Took German in HS and college and studied abroad in Bonn in college.


I taught myself the guitar 50 years ago and I am working on Spanish.


I taught myself pulling the trigger, smoothly without hesitation, on a 357 Smith & Wesson (686) four inch revolver without flinching. Not an easy task.- My German is still pretty good, I lived in Germany for 22years. Can you guys handle this (lol) ?


I tried to learn how to play classical guitar on my own but their is no substitute for lessons which I still take. I tried to learn chess on my own by reading books but I ended up taking lessons on that too. I concluded that it is very difficult to teach yourself certain things.

Nuke Level 5 Mar 29, 2018

I try to learn languages. The one I know the best is Danish, but I don't know a ton. Languages (including programming) are very difficult for me to learn for some reason.

I know the feeling. Even web development gives me trouble sometimes.


I taught myself to fabricate 2 astronomical Newtonian telescope mirrors, a 6 inch, and an 8 inch.
both successful. an extremely interesting undertaking.


That's great. I have tried teaching myself German. I really love the language. But I find I can't remember things as well as I used to and it is frustrating. The most challenging thing I have taught myself was a particularly difficult knitting stitch called Estonian star-flower stitch mainly because I don't have enough patience..


Thats is nice- see life is always about learning something new
Like all of you I am learning e-commerce SEO html web ads products and learning new skills
But the best part I am learning how to let go my ego, be humble, give grattitude and believe that I am working and getting better every day in small steps and experiencing my journey thru life and sharing my thoughts and try helping others

Rosh Level 7 Mar 29, 2018

I am almost a total autodidact.

@ReBrew2115 -- Wie lange haben Sie Deutsch studiert?

I think I know what that sentence means, however, I am going to make it my goal for the day to understand it better before answering.


I'm attempting to teach myself Spanish currently. But I teach myself pretty much everything. Any time something breaks in the house or car, I teach myself how to fix it, for instance. Accumulating minor skills is all I'm good at: Jack of all trades, master of none! But the most challenging? Any advanced math. Math comes pretty easily to me, but it's about impossible to figure out what a symbol is/means when you don't even know what it's called to look it up. And there are so many symbols... it might take a while.


I am learning piano with a little electronic help.

Oooo! I've always wanted to learn piano. Maybe I will add that to my list.

All 3 of my kids play beautifully. They are having more fun with me learning than I am.


I prefer to teach myself things. Crystal reports, Spanish, guitar, you name it.


I'm teaching myself to speak Hebrew. Well, not totally by students are helping me.


I taught myself to play the drums. I did this mostly by learing how to play some of my favorite songs on drums. If I could start over, I would find a way to learn the basics before I cut my teeth on the work of pros. It should be noted that I took a mucis appitude test and the results said that I could pick any instrument that I wanted. I chose drums. My parents chose trumpet for me because we already had a trumpet in the family. I also learned baritone and tuba, but the whole time I was teaching myself the drums.

I taught myself drums as well. Sadly, I haven't played in years.


I basically taught myself how to use non linear editing software. One of the most challenging things was getting over my fear of driving and just learn and deal.


I'm guessing that your web development is going better.

Almost everything I know now, I taught myself.
I taught myself Creole, French, Spanish, Thai and Japanese,
how to do bird photography and sell photos on stock photo sites.
I taught myself to ride, jump, drive, and train horses-even stallions.
I taught myself to jam on piano in any key, play electric base, and skin drums, record eight-track original songs.
I taught myself to become an advanced ballroom and jitterbug dancer.
I taught myself how to read Thai.
I taught myself to speed-read,
teach ESL in person and online
to track animals with signs, scents, tracks.
and really almost everything in my life that I can do now.

I like to teach English literature and ESL.

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