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I can barely tolerate my mother's company. I'm 50 and she is 71 going on 171 years old. I try - oh, yes, I try - but I just can't spend time with her anymore. Will I regret that? Possibly. But I work with what I've got, and it's verging on untenable. Any similar stories?

Palindromeman 7 Mar 29

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I suspect that a lot has happened and/or is happening to which we are not privy. Make the best of it for yourself--for yourself!


My mother and I barely tolerated each other. I went home for 2 weeks when she was diagnosed to support her and my father during treatment planning and testing. Then went back a week before she died to support my family in the decision to remove all treatment. I'm sorry she died, but I rarely think of her unless something happens that reminds me of her.


why is it so hard?

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