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Our reality proves all other groups identify by nationality, which further proves 'White, Black, and mis-labels such as African Americans, American Indians' are racist.
Only the racists, ignorant, satisfied, or people whom use them to manipulate other people will continue to use them.

AnTwanSr 5 Feb 2

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There is no genetic basis for race. But the culture and experiences of those groups are real. People who use those labels to hate and diminish others are racist, as are people who deny others their identity.

I mostly agree. There is only one race. Which is the human race. Then like there are two America's. Racists have used the words to create two or more meanings to further confused, what should be obvious issues.


Absolutely true


I hope someday we will all identify only as human.

We already do. My point was enough of us do not recognize it and the need for logical labels beyond this.


In fact, all people from South America, Central America, and North America are Americans.

Interesting. However you described each place as so. Seems they would properly described as South, Central and North Americans at least on one obvious level.

@AnTwanSr They are all still the Americas. We are officially the "United States of America", not "America".

@Sticks48 Corporation or ?

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