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I was away a really long time.
What happened was someone decided to play detective and sent me an email with a lot of my personal information that I did NOT want published and it creeped me out so bad I left for a year or so.

I felt stalked.

I still haven’t returned to Facebook, I’m still pissed about Cambridge Analytic. I’m astonished the general population stays with Facebook, it’s like staying with an abusive lover, just get the F out!

Novelty 8 Feb 5

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If you know how to research, people are doddle and Facebook stuff is not readily available in search engines!
That some than can use this badly is a result of our society. I take the view that whatever I put on-line is free to anyone. What I do not put online is not. End of.


That is unfortunate.


I've got a bunch of Aussie mates I keep up with via the dreaded book of face. It's a necessary evil for me.
BTW, that sucks big hairy balls, but it's nice that you're back.


Welcome back, I missed you!


I stay in touch with RL friends and relatives on FB. I have no illusions about privacy, I just don't care. I respect the opinions of those who feel violated by Social Media, I just don't share those feelings.


Good for you for seeing the light about Fakebook. When I was on it about 8 years ago some jerk posted my address, full name and birthdate. I had no idea how he found all that out and it scared the hell out of me. I deleted my account and have never gone back. Fakebook is not safe if you value your personal information.


Welcome back.

1of5 Level 8 Feb 5, 2020

It is a very good idea to leave Facebook and all other social media. There is something big and sinister going on that only the future can reveal (after we are destroyed).

I am not a technology novice who panics without a reason. 5 years ago, I ran comprehensive social media campaigns, ad campaigns and product stores (tied to stand-alone ecommerce stores) on Facebook and ad campaigns on other social media through Hootsuite on a daily basis. All together I had about 25 profiles. Facebook admitted in the Congress testimony that they would continue to collect information even after we discontinue the profile.


Wow nasty


That's really weird.
Welcome back!

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