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I came across these gentlemen somewhat by accident, but I can relate with some of their experiences with atheist activism. I didn't have the fundamentalist background they came from, but enjoy they're on the team as it were. I like their acknowledgement that one size can never fit all, but that they are dedicated to being there for others who cone out of faith traditions. They've grown to focus on the particulars of freethought as well.

WilliamCharles 8 Feb 20

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It is highly likely that I am going to be able to make it to the Atheist convention in Phoenix in April and I look forward to seeing these two. I can identify them in so many ways as I also traveled the path from conservative/fundamentalist believer to non-believer.

I can only imagine the path some had to travel getting here. Welcome.


Seth is a great guy. I was once in a conversation where a fellow said he wanted to ask Seths expertise in the Bible. I said Seth really wasn't an exper there siting his book. I did't realize I kinda called him ignorant. Seth poped into the conversation aand said I was right. When I re-read how I put it I apologized to Seth. He said I was right!


Never listened to Matt or Seth but having read the comments I would conjecture that it is the 'shock jock' of atheism. So be it! As for a replacement for Hitchens? My nomination goes to John Loftus of Debunking Christianity blog & numerous books. Check 'im out!

Thanks for the rec. Heard of Loftus, not sure if I've read any of his stuff. I didn't consider Andrews so much a shock jock for atheism than one who is sharing his own relief at breaking free. Both he and Matt can be prone to digs at the worldview and adherents they were both immersed in for the greater portion of their lives, but they're not being unfair about it.

I can see in Seth the same smooth style he must have used when he was a Christian broadcaster, but that's OK because that is an integral part of who he is. Like a salesperson that's good at pitching whatever product he has, but there's no insincerity about him. I like how he thanks the atheist community for being there (as a resource) for him as his questions and doubt grew.

I've been seeing many more talks/debates in my feed that only reaffirm my own view that the irrationalists are pitching snake oil. Many different styles, but all falling back on the many false assumptions of belief versus non-belief.

Some are downright delusional, hateful and offensive (I'll start a new thread on John MacArthur later).

@WilliamCharles Different styles, I suppose. But I can't help thinking that whether one is a theist or an atheist, ya try to sell the goods.

Neither are shock jocks at all. They are very sincere people that do it to help others. Neither planned on this carreer path, people somply responded to them.


Just watched a couple of his debates back to back. I really appreciate his expressing righteous indignation when the religionists would ascribe some particularly insulting mischaracterization of his view, or insist that some particularly vacuous assertion had merit. The opposition trots out some of the worst analogies ever. They congratulated him for being courageousl enough to enteri their "den of lambs" (a Biola 4 on 1 cage match).

I was embarrassed for them that they actually thought they put forth compelling arguments.


Matt and Seth are both really nice. They are straight shooters and each have a great story in their journey to reason.


Matt and Seth! These guys are great advocates for atheism. Matt is super popular in the community, is currently president of the ACA, and primary host of the internet access show, "The Atheist Experience." He's awesome. The show comes on live every Sunday, and you can find it on YouTube. I believe Seth is one of the new "4 horsemen" of atheism? He, Dawkins, Hitchens (RIP), and Strauss. All these guys are very educated, knowledgeable, and contribute wonderfully in their own ways.


I view clips and programs on You Tube with both of them and I also watch the Atheist Experience almost every Sunday.


I agree. Here is a link to a Seth Andrews talk I enjoy:


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