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What would you say to a friend that was a flat earthist?

update: She has blocked me so i can't tell her off anymore for believing in the flat earth garbage.

Nardi 7 Feb 22

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I think this says it all

LOL awesome


"Flat Earthers have nothing to fear but sphere itself." πŸ˜‰


"Take me to the edge." "Why, you don't have to see the edge with your own eyes to know the earth is flat ?"
"No but you do to push someone off it."

Best comment here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Tell your friend to be careful and not fall off the edge.


I have had no friends that are so ignorant as to believe that. lt would not be possible for me to be close to someone like that.




Its been nice to know you.


What do you say to someone who cannot grasp evidence or logic? It would be difficult to consider someone who chooses to be that ignorant a friend.

JimG Level 8 Feb 22, 2020

@dayii perfect!


"Telling someone off" is such a well-recognized technique for changing people's minds...well done!


I never get into it with any of them. I have better things to do with my time than argue. I mind my own business.


Screw it. She's already shown that doesn't want to hear about it. Let her be dumb, not your problem.


Life is to short for to expend energy on willfully ignorant or toxic β€œfriends”.


Easy, no one I would be friends with would be a flat-earthist. I do my best to avoid the feeble-minded.

Same here.


I would be immediately judging their intelligence and mental state, but would be compelled to ask questions. "WHY do you believe that? HOW do you believe it, with all the evidence that it isn't true? Have you ever flown in an airplane?" You can literally see the curvature of the Earth...!!


Tell them to grab a pair of binoculars and go sailing. When you approach another sailboat on the horizon the first thing you can see is the top of the mast. As the boat gets closer you can see further down the mast until you finally see the hull. If the surface of the ocean was flat you’d see the whole boat emerge at once. This is why sailors were the first to realize the surface of the earth is curved.

Alternately, just continue sailing, and you’ll end up where you started.

skado Level 9 Feb 22, 2020

Anyone that stupid wouldn't be a friend


I wouldn’t waste my time...anyway what kind of friend can she be if she has you blocked? Leave her to her loonie views and be grateful that you’re blocked!


Some people prefer not to be taken to task for things they genuinely believe -- whether it's a flat earth or a young earth or whatever. (Of course, I suppose no one prefers to be taken to task.) But I suspect there are others who have real doubts, yet for various reasons prefer not to give into them, and again do not wish to be taken to task. It's easier to just avoid the external conflict which keeps the internal conflict stirred up. Just guessing.

I have a friend who believes in a young earth. I made the decision that the friendship was more important, and neither of us brings up the subject, and it works. But sometimes, I admit... I really want to say something. I know it's difficult.

how would you feel if tagged posts on that subject appeared on your facebook page or equivalent promoting their beliefs?

@Nardi You'll have to clarify. Are you saying this is what happened to you?

@Omnedon Well she was my friend on Facebook for quite sometime before she started to go down this road of conspiracy theories and trying to be an activist. In her attempts to promote awareness on topics that interested her she would tag friends so it just showed up on your pages like you posted it up. I did not mind at first but then the material was getting more and more 'out there' then she hit a nerve with flat earth stuff and biblical prophecies. I launched in to her calling her out on everything she postred. Then her internet warriors tried to counter attack to try and protect her but soon backed off again

Ater the dust settles i will know more..

@Nardi Oh, I see... Sorry, I didn't realize. That certainly puts a different complexion on it. I certainly can't blame you for reacting. For the record, I wasn't even suggesting you were wrong to do so before; it was just a guess at why she might have blocked you. I'm lucky that my young earth friend doesn't push the subject, and neither do I (though, as I say, I'm sometimes tempted). But this is different.

In any case, in my view, young-earth is a religious thing, and as crazy as it is, it isn't a conspiracy theory. Whereas flat-earth is (in my opinion) closer to stuff like the moon-landing hoax claims and the 911 truthers.


I. Just. Couldn't.


I do not have such so called friends.

What if tomorrow one of your friends suddenly started to try and convince you that the 1st moon landing was fake and was filmed underwater?

@Nardi I would call the local hospital and get brain x-ray for them, as they would have suffered brain damage.

@Nardi First husband believe the moon landing was filmed in the Nevada desert. He also was a flat earther.

Probably the reason why I divorced him (well that and he loaded and pointed a 12g shotgun in my face)

@kiramea YIKES!

@Nardi I actually do have a friend who believes conspiracy theories. Not the religious ones, thank goodness. He's fun and interesting and doesn't rant, so sometimes I listen, and then we go off to do something else. Maybe it was the consistent rants more than her beliefs that got to you?

@Lauren yeah it was that and at times it was relentless.

@Nardi That's a shame that she cornered you like that. I suspect you aren't the only friend she loses because of that.


You could send this....


"Good riddance"


Not much, actually. Doubt I could change thier mind.

1of5 Level 8 Feb 22, 2020

I would have first politely asked my friend, or, my fellow human who believes this planet is flat, why he/she believes this to be true. I would allow my friend to present their position and ask if I could then explain to them that gravity is a thing. I would ask if they had ever heard of Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton or of Albert Einstein. I would ask if they recall a 3rd grade lesson involving disappearing ships at the horizon of open seas and if they remembered that the lesson was called Science and the topic was to demonstrate that Earth is indeed round? If my fellow human being does not grasp this concept nor agree, I would not argue with them. You simply can not make a logical argument with this person. You can agree on one thing: (Except for 1 or 2 scientists in the early 1600s) We all believed the earth was flat.


I know one person who is the trifecta of anti-vaxxer, creationist, and flat-earther. I think she has her particular religion as part of her identity, so everything scientific or historical fact challenges those beliefs. It's a defense mechanism to question the validity of science and logic itself.

Last I heard she and her flat-earther boyfriend are actively trying to prove the earth is flat by running experiments. So maybe she's on the way out of that illogical cesspool, hopefully. But I doubt it.

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