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I’m feeling sad, I can’t seem to break contact with this JW boyfriend. He just said “I thought you were over this? Here we go again.” When I told him, “Please start questioning things you’re being told to believe in. Live your own life.”

Turning things around on me... as always. Is it wrong of me to want him to live his own life?

#JehovahWitnesses #InLoveWithACultMember

TattedIrishXx 5 Mar 11

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Another way to look at it is that maybe you need to respect his decisions instead of trying to control how he lives his life. Everyone has to make their own choices and live with the consequences. You can't fix what you think is wrong with his life anymore than he can fix what he thinks is wrong with your life.


He is the only one who decides how he lives his life.


True friend is uncommon, not to be found by common man.


TYhink of yourself and what your needs are what you want he only seems concerned with himself.


He needs to live his own life, just as much as you need to live your own life.

My guess is that he cannot abandon his own irrationality any more than you can abandon your own rationality.

He may be too driven by his own fears to question what he has been told by his theology teachers. It seems that religious trauma, such as he may have experienced, results in catastrophic damage to the pre-frontal cortex of the human brain, so the irrationality of "My god is the real god, all other gods are false gods" would not be apparent to him.

Care for yourself. Know that there are others out there. Be kind to yourself, and be patient.


You may have to leave without his permission. Based on what you've told us, he's not taking you seriously.

Oh I did break up with him. The more I learn about his Cult the more sick I feel. I had to stop researching it and listening to an audible called Leaving the Witness. Made me sick to my stomach. He was still gaslighting next last night that he was so patient with my issues, human trafficking and sexual assaults gave me PTSD and depression and anxiety... I was such a piece of work but he lied about this “religion” for over a year.

@TattedIrishXx I'm glad that you were able to extricate yourself frim that. Now be careful and don't get trapped again. ☺

@TattedIrishXx i read an article in Cosmo the other night that said that most break ups aren’t straight forward affairs, they take time and too-ing and fro-ing. But I quite like this site: []


You can't make him choose he must do it himself

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 11, 2020

He is living his own life, the life he chose...


You are not his mother, or his guru. When you get older you will realize Nobody can change anybody else. Either accept him with all his "faults" and agree to disagree, or Move On.

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