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CFI has it right. The best way to counteract religious superstition is through education. People, especially the young need to discover for themselves and develop critical thinking skills and what is rational and true. CFI is an outstanding organization for the promotion of science, skepticism and rational thought.


rogueflyer 8 Mar 12

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I love Eberhardt. I went to school with him at MSU and am friends with his dad.

I especially love watching him debate... he has ninja skills.


Excellent, I have been looking for charities to name in my will, I'll investigate this one further.

MizJ Level 7 Mar 13, 2020

I'm a member, and lucky that their world headquarters are just a few miles away...their discussion meetings are a regular part of my life.


The trouble is there seems to be a correlation between rationality and lack of meaning in our lives. To put it a different way, religion has traditionally given people meaning in their lives and rationality gave them a meaningless mechanical universe that was/is very empty and depressing. OK, OK, there are people who can find meaning in life without religion. I'm one of them. For many, many people, our modern secular world isn't working out well for them and we see the symptoms of this dis-ease everywhere.


I can't read the article because of my ad blocker but I think critical thinking is the key.


Education is a very slow process and there will be re-enforcement of religious education from the other side. Education to the unwilling will not work.

I think the best way to fight is what the European invaders did across the world and what the American Democrats did to smoking and Tobacco in the last 50 years.

Make Religion Unsexy. Make it Uncool.
Make it a thing of shame. De-glorify it. Make it embarrassing for the believers.

Begin Legislating Prohibition of Religion in Government
Start in progressives states first. Prohibit government resources including funding to any religion.

Start Religious Anonymous (RA)
Once this achieved, it will go away from the government, from politicians' speeches, from people's lives. Start Religious Anonymous and more counseling to quit religion. The problem will solve itself.

Make it Socially Undesirable
The whole problem comes from that how we make it socially acceptable, glorify it, make it cool to be religious. Our successful fight against smoking and tobacco can be a good role model for this fight.

Just chip away off this monster one slash at a time.


"Critical thinking skills? What nonsense is that? You will bow down in fear and terror before almighty God!"


Which is why fanatical religions discourage education for the masses. Keep them poor and ignorant and you have a massive power base. A case in point is Pakistan, where crowds lynch people suspected of even mild blasphemy.


But it's so much more fun feeling reassured that I will live forever after I die and be the special pet and worship at the feet of an all-powerful magical superbeing in a golden kingdom in the sky.

All that reality offers is...reality.

But, but, but ... I'm addicted to reality. (LOL!)

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