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"The governor said that because of shortages of coronavirus tests, they are being reserved for those who may be critically ill, as well as healthcare workers on the front lines of the outbreak." Gov of WI


We are continuing to NOT test for community spread due to test shortages. Can't believe this is still our reality at the end of March. Somebody somewhere has failed the people.

How much more time would we reasonably expect that if we were having breathing related issues and cough that your Dr. would consider it as possible cause and test for it? Would it be 10 days? 30 days? 2 more months from now? Six months? 1 year? 2 years? Never? What is a reasonable expectation here ?

Flowerwall 7 Mar 20

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It is 1918 all over again. (1) Delayed preventive measures, (2) Lack of concern by large groups (i.e. youth, religious believers, (3) imposed quarantines, (4) detrimental effects to national economies, and most disturbing, (5) lack of practiced sanitary measures. Why are we suddenly needing to remind people to wash their hands??

We have too short of memories.


The trump administration says they didn't buy test kits because they wanted test kits that were validated by the United States. South Korea identified their 1st case the same day we did and they have literally lowered the number of new cases every day.[]

trump wants to promote US, ‘in house industry.’ Problem is, such industries were off-shored decades ago ... by former Industrialists now supporting him..

@Varn I think you give him too much credit, I think he hid it because he thought it would be better for his reelection bid to do so.

@Lorajay I buy it!

@Varn NOW? We are worried about that NOW? So all the companies have run away and ruined the opportunities for working class Americans and now when we are faced with a health crisis that demands very quick response NOW we are going to worrying about where we are sourcing from? Talk about BAD TIMING. How much worse could timing EVER be? It's like standing in the middle of a burning building and asking where the firehose was sourced from!! When EVERY OTHER piece of equipment came from foreign countries. Do you SEE the problem with THAT response? (Please it is rhetorical, I am sorry)

@Flowerwall Got it, had ‘watched it happen’ back in the eighties. Worked with one of the biggest jerks ever … hired by his Uncle (my ultimate boss), and bragged how his dad was a corporate ...what was the term … when a company was bought out, then liquidated before ‘offshored’ ..kinda like a corporate raider, but the A-hole who moved in ..seemingly getting off on firing US employees. Anyway, yup - it’s too late - and we’re dependent on nations who rightfully hate our guts 😕

@Varn American company, Abbott Labs, has announced it is ramping up to distribute 1 million tests weekly. []


We’ve an inept president & administration. Our US Senate is locked down by industrial puppets awaiting their masters instructions (not the people). Our hideous hodgepodge of For-Profit ‘Healthcare’ is the opposite of streamlined or all-inclusive. Our government is dysfunctional, our priorities are wrong, our adversaries are ..gleeful… our allies appalled, and those of us having witnessed this slow burn ..not surprised.

Varn Level 8 Mar 20, 2020

Just hearing IL to go under shelter in place tomorrow. Let's hope WI acts quickly and soon follows.


Hold Fast


Wait until the states go to war against each other, fighting over equipment and resources. That is precisely what trump(Putin) wants!

Waiting for marshal law to start kicking in soon.


It's a shame that Korea puts the greatest nation in the world to shame when it comes to testing.


News as of yesterday is that Abbott Labs has ramped up manufacture of its covid-19 test and will be distributing 1 million tests per week. It has already sent out 150,000. One positive step to figure out where we are at.


This is great news. I just hope it trickles down. I fear this virus has already infected so many. I have a bad feeling about the final outcome. But let's hope I am COMPLETELY WRONG. I often am.

@Flowerwall The problem is the asymptomatic population that will not even get tested. I do hope the self-isolating puts the brakes on this mess.

I hope it is a true press release.

@Lorajay It is. Why wouldn't it be? I am aware that they already had pcr tests for other pathogens and they have the analyzers on which to process the tests already in place in many hospitals and testing labs. I used to work in diagnostics there, but a different type.

@itsmedammit Because I am beginning to distrust anything that might be influenced by this administration. Thank you for the additional info that softened my fears.

Question: How much are the kits costing us? Answer: Everlywell, reports that the test costs $135

@Lorajay True, there is a lot of disinformation, and I automatically discount everything that Trump says, because he gets it wrong all the time. I also don't believe much that comes from China, for instance their actual numbers of cases and alleged no-new-native-cases assertion.

@itsmedammit I am very curious about the actual diagnostic process. What is it that is needed in order to run these tests aside from swabs. A reagent? Then what does it give you you to read? So we have the machines and swabs but are missing reagent? Why couldn't we buy from other countries then run tests that would determine accuracy? Why the rejection of supplies from others? I do not understand what the grand delay has been.

@Flowerwall I don't know what reagents are missing. They are a variety of tests out there and they all have their specific reagents. The Abbott test presumably contains all the required reagents (and probably the swabs) to carry out the tests. I am guessing that the first line tests that are out there are polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests, as is Abbott's. Part of the difficulty in early testing is that it is difficult to detect the viral parts. PCR refers to the method used to make the virus more visible by making a zillion copies of a bit of its genetic material. []

After amplification of the virus particles, they still need to be detected. There are different methods for doing that and I am not sure of the specific methods used of late, but it would often be something like labelling an antibody to the virus with something that can be read, such as something radioactive. Essentially you incubate the sample with the labelled antibody and then wash everything away except the antibodies that might be stuck to the virus. Whatever is left is read with the appropriate analyzer to determine if there is any and perhaps how much virus is present in a sample.

So one needs reagents to perform the PCR part and reagents to perform the detection part. One would need diluents, polymerase, nucleic acid, maybe antibodies, washes, whatever label is used, and so on. Each brand of test is probably using different reagents that are very specific to their test. All the reagents in a test are precisely manufactured for use in that specific test and with the specific analyzer. A ThermoFisher test could not be read on an Abbott analyzer, for instance.

Afterthought: I would imagine these days they are using labelled nucleic acid in the PCR part.

@itsmedammit Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that. It does sound like a pretty involved process and maybe a little bit more understandable why there is this need to get very specific testing materials. Previous to this you are wondering why it is so difficult to get testing done. I know some people are close to having this testing more simplified, at home versions.


Pretty much Never unless yo u know somebody. It's first testing center at the eastern end of the state (where the non-wealthy live) just opened yesterday and only if you have symptoms And a doctor RX.

We have a pretty fucked up situation here in Kittitas county, specifically Ellensburg one person who knew they had contact with a person who tested positive choose to go to work at the middle school while asymptomatic tested positive and has exposed 517 students, their families and the whole staff and their families. Not until the 25 -26th of March will we know who might get sick. County health has told everyone to stay home. Schools are closed and just today CWU was told to lock down. O f course I am concerned but mostly pissed by the cavalier approach this country has taken. NOT following China's example will cost us dearly in the end. Plus side it is exposing the terrible response the trump administration has had, the flaws, the greed, etc.

What about for an urgent care patient? I can bet they will most likely say we are only testing if you have been out of country. So completely missing instances of community transmission.

@silverotter11 Oh my that is messed up. If you look at a map of my state almost all counties in se corner of state have cases. Is it random or the tip of the iceberg to be seen shortly?

@Flowerwall While my county abuts King county where the out break began we only had 3 reported positives. I'm sure there were more ill and without testing we will not know BUT as of 3/11 there were only 3. Now 1 person potentially exposed over 1500 and the population of Ellensburg is 19,500. So forcing those who hve had contact but are asymptomatic to stay home is really important. Can not seem to get that thru peoples heads.

@Flowerwall I have written stuff from the state saying that,

@silverotter11 It will not happen. Everyday now we have deaths in our state. We are up to 3 deaths. But cases are all over the state, especially clustered in one area. All you need is one of those people who are currently infected to have coughed or sneezed one time somewhere public and now 10s more who infect 10 more and none will be tested if the person present with symptoms and haven't traveled. Maybe by some luck it hasn't happened. But now they are not even telling where community spread is occurring because they don't know because they are not testing. Just like you said it is not getting through ppls head.

@Flowerwall The best thing about this site - ? There are so many intelligent people!! Stay safe.


When you live in an Oligarchy masquerading as a Free Capitalist System then you have to realize that there is only so much the market will bear, finances before people. It's sad but it's true.

Can you help to define oligarchy as it relates to the US? Who compromises this group? How is it defined ? I mean defined in the sense of just being wealthy versus now having this characteristic.

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