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I heard a good joke today.

Donald Trump while on a state visit to Israel has a heart attack and dies.
The Israeli Government offers to give the late president a state funeral in Jerusalem free of charge or to ship him back to the USA at cost of $1million Dollars.
Mike Pense goes to discuss the situation with both houses of government and then calls back the President of Israel.
"We'll pay to have him sent home," he informs him.
"Why?" asks Netanyahu, "we would bury him on the mount of Olives, with full honours."
"We know and it is appreciated,"replied Pense."but after discussion with congress and the senate it was pointed out, that the last time a great leader died in Jerusalem and was buried, three days later he got back up and came back to life, and frankly we are not willing to take the risk."

LenHazell53 9 Mar 23

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