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If something happened 2 any of us here on the site,
how else would anyone else know here ? I personally have conversations with some of you,
what if I didn't ? Would the rest of us care ? Would
our accounts on the site just expire ?

Wildgreens 8 Apr 1

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Que sera, sera...but in the meantime, maybe we should exchange phone numbers with those we have 'truly' connect with...just in case. 😉

Nena Level 6 Apr 2, 2018

You raise a good question...might be worth dropping the developers of this app an email...


The Admins would probably close it..eventually.


Unfortunately we do not have the ability to check and see if another member is ok. There was a member here who used to post often, and was very active on this site. Her last post was about living with an abusive husband. She asked for advice on whether to expose his abuse. I and several others posted that she should move out for her own safety. Sadly that was the last post that she had on this site. No one knows whether she is safe or if she was able to escape her abusive husband. I tried to reach out to admin to see if there was a way to check on her safety, but that was not possible. It has been months and i worry that something unpleasant may have happened to her.


Well probably nothing it might just be an inactive account with some people just thinking you no longer use it. Happens all the time.

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