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Would "the apocalypse of peter" have changed your mind about christianity?

One major reason I couldn't accept christianity was that I just cannot accept eternal torture and agony for most people, th christian hell just repulses me, plus the whole idea all that matter s is do your bow to god, not what you did, your actual deeds mean nothing, good people deserve hell as much as hitler, etc.

Well, the folks at the council of nicea apparently knew a lot of people like me would be unable to accept the absolutely horrible view on the afterlife that the buybull eventually offered and came that close to making the last book of the buybull "The apocalypse of peter".

Now there were a lot of unoffical buybull books, basically fanfic, floating around before the roman emperor decided to make one official buiybyll. Constantine wanted an offical buybull to codify roman law and the power of the emperor and the church. He called the council to create a buybull that he approved of to give it a look of something the religious leaders agreed on. Of course he dictated what he wanted and made it clear he'd get it if he had to execute and dissenters and replace them.

The council, knowing may people were uncomfortable with the idea of eternal hell, were going to go wiht the AoP as it was less terrible and more acceptable to many, especially the more thoughtful. So, they went with the AoP as the last book.

The AoP in a nutshell is basically a book that says jesus came back to earth to visit peter, and seeing peter was filled with doubts took him to heaven to show him it was all worth it.

Well, they describe heaven. Booooring, and racist. All people are white, curly haired and spend forever praising god who apparentoy has a massive ego problkem. (BTW I'm a lousy typoist and I'm tired of pounding my head on this board's correct feature which doesn';t really work.)

Then they come to this big hole that looks down into hell and of course oil' pete describes the various tortuires of the damned in sadistic detail to provide some real sadistic spank matrial for future christians.

But then petey grows a spine, commendably, and basically tells jesus he's just not really comfortable with so many suffering eternally, and that he's not sure it's really worth so much endless suffering.

So jesus tells pete a secret: Most people will not be in hell forever. The hole is for people in heaven to look down into hell and to decide when people in it had been punished enough. At that poit they could go tell god that so and so has suffered enough and god would let him/her out of hell.

Wow, this is a real paradigm shift from the mainstreak buybull, isn;t it? It takes away the really pathetic and intolerable idea of hell lasting all eternity in what cvan only be an act of total, absolute sadism, and gives people a voice in things instead of reducing them to mindless praise spewers for all eternity.

Well, the council of nicea wanted this as the last book of the buybull as it tooksome of the pointless suffering out of the christian faith and made people matter a little.

Constantine said "Nope!" He wanted a buybull to terrify people into total obedience to god, I.E. himself, and encourage acceptance of the unacceptable.

The council could leave out the not as horrible part of the buybull or be executed for defying the emperor and replaced until he got one that saw it his way.

So we have a buybull with an afterlife so horrible many people really can't accept it even if they are too scared to say so.

I think possibly making te AoP the last book of th buybull and making god look like less of a sadistic petty spiteful asshole might have kept me from rejecting it. I don't know if I'd have been a christian but i might have had less contempt for christianity and Christians than i now do.

would it have affected your view of christianity?

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No view affected but it just shows that there are psychopathic minds that enjoy the suffering of minds that want to live in a peaceful world.


I did read the AofP a lot of years ago along with a lot of the apocryphal writings of the Christian patriarchs, you have sparked my curiosity to go back and look again with more mature eyes (I was still a godbotherer at the time I first read it).
However no I don't think with would ultimately have changed my outlook very much as my out look on the Bible and ultimately religion itself was shaped by the Bible as a whole, theology and Christian practice, leading to an utter rejection of it all as dangerous nonsense.
The substituting of of one fairy story for another would not have changed my mind, besides all of which Dante's version still seems a much more amusing read.


Ah, nothing in the bible would change my mind as I know it is just myth sprinkled with the names of real places and some real (but not all) real people.


No. I was, and still am - sort of - a member of the Unitarian-Universalists and Universalists started as Christians who believed all souls are worthy of heaven as a philosophy. I do not believe Jesus was real and was simply another of many standard role models to follow.


One thing I wonder about is would putting it as the last book of the buybull have made it less appealing to a lot of christians or would it have made a lot of them less sadistic?

I see so mnay haloeads that just seem to take sick evil joy in the idea of people who aren't like them suffering in eternal agony forever and ever.

look at this sick fuck.

Would he be a christian without the sadistic spank fuel of endless agony for those who weren't like him? Or would the idea that his god even says "Enogh's enough!" eventually dampen his obvious sadistic tendencies? Does the buybuull feed sadism or are sadists attrcted to it?

Hmm, things to wonder on.


ha, im such an asshole, jesus lol

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