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One day most of our info will be put across in this form. If you have not been used to that, take some time to read it without error. Check with your dad!! Is it possible that someone will take it all in with a single glance?

Mcflewster 8 Apr 1

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Trumpy had been looking for a way to cut back on social security and medi-care, medicaid......and all he has to do, is nothing.

That could lose him his next battle in Nov. I am HOPING that the same thing will get rid of Boris

@Mcflewster doesn't cost to hope now, does it...will just keep fingers crossed,....and VOTE,

@HankSherman PLEASE self isolate and HOPE your countrymen and women do the same!

@Mcflewster I'm taking that advice, and passing it on


Nice presentation, especially for those that are more visual learners. Thank you.

More people are visual than realized.


ok but don't forget "infected" = "immunized" for the 98%

Do you think you are not going to be affected? there is NO immunisation against this virus as of now

@Mcflewster once again, "infected = immunized," they are the exact same vector. Am i going to be affected? Dunno, i doubt it tbh, but i mean im still respecting the space of paranoids of course.

@bbyrd009 Hi, You seem to want to talk science(vector), you obviously have doubts (or you would not be here) and are respectful (space). Equally you seem to latch on to a Theory of Virus spread which I judge is the HERD protection theory. Well, in my scant knowledge of this I think that this theory will protect the whole poulation after the first wave has passed through [yes another wave comes but does not have as many spreaders so fewer get infected the second time ] but NOT importantly the individual. The only cheap way an individual can protect themselves is with ISOLATION and SOCIAL DISTANCING. Please, for your own sake research these , but do keep thinking clearly. The Conservative party here in the UK latched on to that theory at the start and they have now been discredited, along with other mistakes like lack of testing -showing that they do not understand SCIENCE.

@Mcflewster i would def sequester myself if i were immune compromised, but i sure wouldnt start a media stampede of sympathetic victims to the hospitals, either? along with the hoarding it caused? mostly a play for $2.2 TRILLION imo, with some statistically insignificant deaths thrown in.

@bbyrd009 Please tell us in the UK HOW we find out if we are "immune compromised" All the tests we have tried so far and there are dozens of them have failed our standards criteria " An uncertain test is worse than no test at all" what are the criteria in US? . I agree it is all about keeping the rush into hospital from not happening. How long ago is it that this government knew that a catastrophic rush would happen? Ours knew 4 years ago . Sack both governements I say.

@Mcflewster if you are immune compromised you will have infections that take a long time to clear up, sores take longer to heal, etc. Also, generally speaking, if you are under the care of a doctor--who as a demographic will live on avg like 5 years less than you; "dead doctors don't lie"--you are immune-compromised already most likely


And it buys time! Time is what we need. Time for better treatments. Time for more testing. Time for ventilators to be shipped.

ventilators might keep a few more alive, but after a cytokine storm in the lungs, to what end? The scarring would compromise breathing for the rest of one's life, in most cases

@bbyrd009 Better scarred than dead...

@marmot84 well for you maybe, but i have a friend like that now and lemme tell you, it is not living imo


It is not new math!!!

It is simple math, the more people you come in contact with the larger your chances of infection!!!

Social distancing can and will save your life and your families if you use it!!!

Use face masks, eye protection and of course nitril or latex gloves when around any one outside your isolation!

Be safe, be careful and be sane!!!


Still a roulette wheel without increased testing but at least this is a good visual of how the odds work.

I would NOT gamble with my life which is what many of your countrymen WILL do. Self Isolate NOW or at least plan do do so very soon and don't go without a health service in the future.

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