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Join us in our sing along

This is the way they cull the herd
Cull the herd
Cull the herd
This is the way they cull the herd
So early on Easter morning

Most are observing the rules, but there are many who have no regard for themselves and less for others. They are our mid April terrorists.

evidentialist 8 Apr 12

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Sorry, but you sound like a mean old man!
We should be anti-religious, but that doesn't mean we have to lack empathy. And that includes empathy for the benighted.
The people whose potential deaths you mock haven't had the privilege of getting the decent education that you and I have had. Many are poor.
In a desperate situation where you have little in your life, religion provides the only hope. And some of them are probably more caring then many of us atheists and agnostics on this site, including me.
Your mocking their deaths is very reminiscent of the way religious fanatics mock the deaths of those whom they murder...

I don't mock their deaths, just their actions. It doesn't take much in the way of education to understand that when medical experts say if you do this you endanger yourselves and others and that it might just be a good idea to not do what they're doing.

As I said in the post, "Most are observing the rules, but there are many who have no regard for themselves and less for others. They are our mid April terrorists." The vast majority of churches around the world were empty today and that too should give even the least educated among them at the minimum some concern.

Now, get of my lawn!


  1. Education gives us the tools to see through religious dogma which has always contradicted science. Those without the privilege of our education are more susceptible to such blind dogma.
  2. Economic desperation makes one do things that are illogical and self-destructive. Alcoholism, for example. Religion is another.
  3. Burundi is a desperately poor nation. It was brought to that state by Western Imperialism, which benefited you and made your enlightened education possible. You mock those whose exploitation and subsequent desperation you benefit from.
  4. Some background on Burundi that explains the appeal of religion there in the wake of Western exploitation and fomentation of war: []
  5. Your "lawn"? I didn't realize you owned this tab under Agnostic! Are you kicking me out of your church because I disagree with your doctrine? Because I challenge your sermon? Because I find the hymn you composed to be anti-humanist?

I fully support mandatory two week quarantine for all in attendance, a la Kentucky governor's new policy!! Let them experience some personal cost for their self-absorbed defiance.


I hope the whole world is watching...

Varn Level 8 Apr 12, 2020



And when they catch the virus they will still not blame their religion. 😒😒

You can't bla.e religion, only that you followed the herd without thinking.

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