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Sometimes I wonder how Dr. Seuss' friends greeted him. Did they say "Hey Seuss!" Would god have gotten mad at them for blasphemy?

Sometimes the Big Questions just don't have any answers.

Robotbuilder 7 Apr 3

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Pretty sure his friends called him "Ted".


"What's up, Doc?"

I was going to give a legitimate answer, but to pain 1 and AKfishlady have that covered. I went with loony toons instead.

JimG Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

Good question! And what about Dr. Scholl, Dr. Dre, or Dr. Pepper?

Don't forget Dr. Octopus, Dr. Strangelove & Dr. Frankenstein!


Hi Ted was the standard greeting.


It never quite made sense to me that if Jesus was a Jew, then why the Puerto Rican name?


LOL! Deep thoughts, my man!


🙂 I have have had a long admiration of his work and my biggest like was the story of the tortoise and hare!

Unless there is another tortoise and hare story that I don't know about, I think perhaps you are thinking of Aesop, who was actually one of my favorite childhood authors. We had a set of "The Book of Knowledge" which was old when I was born, scattered through them were Aesop's fables which I loved looking for when I learned to read. Every one had a "moral" but no religion. 🙂

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