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Kind woman spends 60 hours cleaning her 76 year old neighbor's apartment which hadn't been cleaned for 13 years. Good News Story?

sassygirl3869 9 May 22

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Wow that was an awesome deed ☺️


It s a heart-warming story. I might have done the same when I was younger, but admit that TODAY I would probably just call the authorities. I know a man for whom a younger friend of mine has repeatedly done this herself and/or paid others to do it. There are far too many “invisible” seniors living in this kind of circumstance.


Back when i worked on the last census, and did in-person interviews with farmers for USDA I encountered a wide spectrum of people's living situations. Now I'm at the age where having someone come by to help me with my situation is a reasonable conclusion. But human kindness supersedes any other issue here.




May we all have love in our lives.

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