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VA acknowledges unproven drug Trump touted used on veterans


PondartIncbendog 7 May 22

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Unfortunately, Trump's puppet FDA cleared the way for anyone with Covid-19 requesting the drug to get it long before there was any actual reliable evidence that it helps. Even though the vast majority of studies being done now show more potential harm than efficacy for late stage treatment, you would think the FDA would be amending their emergency use declaration, especially considering anyone falling into that category also lies in the category of clearly not working and possibly doing more harm (severely ill and/or hospitalized) but I seriously doubt that's going to happen. There is a damn good reason, actually many of them, why our approval processes are so stringent for medical therapies. But this twat doesn't give one fuck about anyone's health and safety.

It's unfortunate AND TERRIFYING that we can no longer trust the institutions charged with overseeing our health and wellfare.

@TheoryNumber3 Agreed!


"A paper published in the Lancet medical journal Friday added to those concerns after finding that people with coronavirus treated with the drug had a significantly higher risk of death and irregular heart rhythms. "

Right to Try sounds like a good idea when one thinks of immunotherapy. However, I'm only aware of the quackery involved with hydroxychloroquine .

On a positive note, at least the US doesn't appear to be THIS evil at the moment.

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