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I went to get cat food at the dollar store this evening. All of the handicap parking places where full. Out of about 12 people I was the only one with a mask and there were 2 guys with pistols on their hips.

Lorajay 9 May 22

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This is just too hilarious to pass up on! the answer of course is....”Because it’s the American way...the god given right to bear arms and bare face “ !!

And disobey laws and inconvenience people who are really handicapped. It seems our POS has made laws superfluous.


Order cat food online. Dollar Tree in Philadelphia has a sign saying you must wear a mask or leave. Employees have been assaulted (and stabbed) as a result of trying to enforce this. One mental midget was arrested and is challenging his civil rights were violated. PPD arrested him for trespass so he has no case. A business can tell you to leave for any reason. If you refuse you are guilty of criminal trespass. It's a big mess. Buy your cat food online.

I normally do order cat food online but I evidently don't have my automatic shipments frequent enough.


Do you reckon they're compensating much? Were they playing with them all the time. 😅


Were they police ? Or security ?

No unfortunately Oklahoma has an open carry law. Anybody can carry a gun out in the open if they're over 18. No training required - no license required.

"fetistic scopophillia" the act of carrying a metaphorical phallus like object in public in order to be seen as powerful and threatening. A technique often used in film and theatre to establish the main male or female protagonist upon their first appearance by metaphorically masculating them.
See especially the films of Billy Wilder.

@Lorajay ewww . I don’t want to live there . Ewwww 🤢🤢🤢
I am sorry 🙁

@Lorajay NC has open carry also. 🙄

@CarolinaGirl60 oh wow . I dident know that either . Taking obx out of places to go . I used to drive there for wknds some x .

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