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I wonder what folks here think of recent and current events in Israel and Palestine. According to international law, Israel is an occupying force in the West Bank, land it captured in a pre-emotive war. As such, it is accountable for the humane treatment of the Palestinians living under an occupation.

And yet, we know that Palestinians in the West Bank do not have equal rights. Worse, Jewish Settlers see it as their right and privilege to harass Palestinians, with no punishment by the Israel Occupying Forces (IOF). And yet, unarmed Palestinians who protest against their maltreatment are routinely shot at with teargas, rubber bullets, live rounds, and jailed in Israeli military prisons by the IOF.

The United States funds the occupation with $3.8 billion annually. Yet despite laws that prohibit the use of taxpayer money for abuses outlined above and well documented by a number of humanitarian rights organizations, the money continues to flow. With very little pushback or accountability.

Here’s just one story that encapsulates the situation. Posting it in its entirety:

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Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian farmlands in al-Sawiya
farmlands on fire


Israeli Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Farmlands in al-Sawiya

“A group of Israeli settlers on Tuesday afternoon burned vast tracts of Palestinian-owned farmland in al-Sawiya village in the West Bank district of Nablus.

“Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian activist who documents settler violations in the northern West Bank, said that Jewish settlers from Rahalim Settlement set fire to large areas of Palestinian farmland in al-Sawiya, destroying various crops as well as a large number of olive trees.

“Settler attacks on Palestinians and their property are witnessed on almost a daily basis across the occupied West Bank, yet they are rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities.”

Bobbyzen 8 May 24

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Hopefully the Palestinians will accept the next favorable peace proposal, lay down their arms and renounce terrorism, and change their charter and explicitly recognize Israel's right to exist. For good measure they would stop their virulently hate-filled media from inciting citizens to carry out violent acts against a peaceful and democratic state.
(I already know I'm in the minority. I feel for the Palestinians, but they chose Hamas to lead them, and refused peace. The Israelis are doing what they have to do.)


Its all so wrong. I'm ashamed of Israel being a cultural Jew,

Hi @sassygirl3869. See my note to @MissKathleen above about we each of us can do to hold Israel to account and stop their crimes against the Palestinian people. That Israel treats human beings this way is a shame on all of us who were raised Jewish.


I think the U.S. has always handled this wrong and should have long ago pressured the Israeli Government to live up to the agreements. Another bit of American hypocrisy, something we excel in above all other nations. We are number one!

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