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There's just no hope. White men armed with AK15s can storm the Capital but people can't mourn the death of a black man murdered by law enforcement without riot gear and tear gas.


Minneapolis Protestors Mouring George Floyd Met With Tear Gas and Riot Gear

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 28

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Morning commute


Please stay safe!


If hell really existed 6 Minneapolis cops desrve buring there forever


This is not law enforcement it is hilly billy virtue signaling.

It's just to the point of sickening.


Crazy night here last night! Looking forward to a good nights sleep eventually. Recorded crazy audio from my back yard. Rally gathered in front of my house yesterday and kept going and going.

You're there? Please do elaborate. WTH is happening with your law enforcement personnel??? You people DESERVE and should insist on better!

@SeaGreenEyez Floyd was killed 4 blocks from my house. Eye of the storm.

@JazznBlues OH NO!!!! I was just watching some news...mayhem up there! 😨 I just don't even know what to think. This death is like so many, but the response is entirely unusual. It's gutwrenching.

@SeaGreenEyez I took a few pictures for you and a video but looks like I can't post the video in a comment. This is where he died...

@SeaGreenEyez I think a lot of us are beyond sick of watching the police practice institutional racism. I use to go with my black neighbors places so they wouldn't get pulled over. 1 token white guy in the car was usually enough to keep them from getting pulled over. Long time creating this problem; it was won't just fade away miraculously...


Sadly I have seen people saying wait for the coroner's report before saying the cop murdered Mr. Floyd. Well, yeah, wouldn't we all like to have an evidenced based existence? Continually ignoring the evidence that people of color are not treated equally under the law and by our justice system negates one's desire to live an evidence based life. IMHO

Seriously? I have tried not to get too involved in the story because it upsets me...SERIOUSLY. People aren't watching the godawful video and witnessing murder? Jesus Christ. (Hypothetical.) #somepeoplearejustnastyhumanbeings

@Fred_Snerd I love that movie!

"Wait for the coroner's report???????"

Strange. When I see someone on camera being choked to death in broad daylight, I am going to assume that the cause of death was being choked to death and the killer is the fucking degenerate with his knee on the guys neck. MOVE OVER, BATMAN, SHERLOCK HOLMES, MONK AND ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN! I AM THE GREATEST GODDAMN DETECTIVE EVER!!!!!!!!!!

@JayOleck38 Best comeback EVER!! There was a post 2 days ago about waiting for the ecidence before claiming the cop murdered Mr. Floyd. The person clearly was going for the knee jerk reaction but I responded anyway and his comments back showed IMHO many really do not understand the truly complicated nature of what we are dealing with. I truly wish I had an answer as to how to end racism.


The amazing thing is how many MAGAfuckers (as I so generously call them) are insistent that the MAGA crowd was peaceful.

Yeah, Bubba Joe, if you're waving an assault rifle in my face, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and guess you're not here for the love-in.


Of course, cause Black Lives Don't Matter..🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Exactly. 😥

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