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So for those who have asked if anyone's ever met and fell in love on Agnostic, I have met with success. The depth of the connection we seem to share is...bizarre, amazing, terrifying. My rather loud inner skeptic/cynic has been chewing on it and...can't find any reason not to just own it. I'm in love with the most amazing women. I told her I have had the urge to tell the Agnostic crowd and she was like "go for it." I messaged her for the first time February 6th at 3:41 AM. And now I feel a connection to a woman I've not me in person exists, one that feels stronger and more real than any meetings I've had irl (As I wrote that my inner cynic is screaming BUT, BUT, BUT, but can't find any evidence to the contrary.) And shocking to me, she's communicated very clearly that she feels exactly the same way. The down side, she's on the west coast and I'm in Kansas. We're meeting in Phoenix for a week in June. She's as cynical as I am. Time will tell, but this is amazing. I'd be a fool not to put every effort into having this woman with me until the end of my days. I'll post an update after we meet irl. @Kelkat I fucking adore you.

Fearlessfreep 7 Apr 4

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So, update. We couldn't wait until june so I flew out to Oregon last weekend. If there were any doubts in the back of my mind they melted away. From the moment she drove up and got out of the car it was like coming home. There wasn't a single uncomfortable moment the entire weekend. In the context of this women everything is new. We went from two people who had, for the most part, given up on a meaningful relationship, to being completely smitten. We're in deep smit. It's possible folks. @Kelkat


Right on man! Congratz to the both of you.


Mine is an atheist amen


That is awesome! It gave me chills. Good for both of you! I hope it goes swimmingly well! 🙂❤


Yay! 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

That's absolutely wonderful! So happy for you two. Keep us posted! ?


That is fabulous! Thanks for sharing this!


I love a love story! Wishing the two you all the very best!

Deb57 Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

That's awesome! Congratulations to you both. 🙂


I am still not sure how I managed to connect with someone so incredible, but I can't not run with it. I adore you, too, @Fearlessfreep P.S. That double negative was intentional. It just sounds better.?


Good for you!


Dude I hope things work for you and that the inner voice is wrong. Congrats!


If you guys can spare the time, I live in Phoenix & it would be great to meet for a beer, coffee, whatever! Mssg. me if you agree! & Congrats & Good Luck!

@phxbillcee I pm'd you.

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