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Stone the crows some people say the dumbest things, don't they.
Evangelidiot just knocked on my door and said, " I saw your lights were on, are you awake?"
I mean it's like 6.20am here, outside it's still darker and colder than Mother Theresa's heart so why wouldn't someone have the lights on?
So, Evangelidiot then TELLS me that I must invite him to share a meal at my house with him, saying to me, "It is the Christian thing to do."
So I figured that I'd answer both his questions in the one sentence so I said to him, " Well the lights are on, BUT, I'm practicing sleeping with my eyes open and I need the lights to see what I'm dreaming about and as to 'inviting' you over for a meal, well the rules of etiquette are that YOU are expected to wait to be invited and NOT that YOU must be invited."
He looked quite puzzled for a minute or so and then said, " How do you go about this practicing sleeping with your eyes open, does it bring you any closer to Jesus?"

Triphid 8 June 24

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I was visiting a college where my brother went and sitting on the lawn with my friends when some hari krishna peoples showed up to fuck up our day. I said didn't god die for your sins? Is non-belief in god a sin? Because no matter what I do or think while alive he forgives for everything afterlife. So it makes no sense to spend my days devoted to a mythical creature that will forgive me for not believing in him anyways, WTH?

At least those 'Hairy Krushednuts' (Hari Khrishnas) have some decent chants that sing, not like the crap you hear from the Xrstian Faithfools.
But I agree they too can be as annoying as ants at picnic.


As an adjunct to the above, I decided to do 'the neighbourly thing' yesterday and took Evangelidiot a container of my freshly home-made Ham and vegetable soup.
To my shock he refused it on the grounds that,

  1. "It was made by an Atheist and God/Jesus would be insulted should he accept it and eat it," plus,
  2. " Atheists are well known to hate Christians and will do ANYTHING to rid the world of those who believe in God/Jesus, even going as far as poisoning them."
    Jeez Louise, I'd already had a couple of bowls of the same soup for lunch that very day and I do NOT keep poisons in my house either, but at least I can say that I tried, can't I?

There’s no hope for some people! Poor narrow minded thing.


...he’s all yours 😉

Varn Level 8 June 25, 2020

Aw thanks a heap, and here was I thinking about sending him over your way to join up with Ken Ham, etc.


Any questions?


Who the #### does these people think they are?

F.I.I.K, but he thinks he's the next best thing to God and Jesus imo.


First seeing the intro to your post on the list - this is what I saw. Ending on "colder than Mother Theresa's . . . " - so my mind automatically went horrible places. 😟

No probs m8, it ain't no 'paradise' here atm, the outside temp, just went from 5 degrees Celsius down to 3.5 Celsius, but hey, that's winter here in the Aussie Outback.

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