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I recently moved to Maryland, part of the Bible Belt from California, land of the heathens. It has been a real trial to adapt culturally.
Today at a shopping center in northern Virginia I saw a beautiful, late model car with a personalized license plate that read, “0 GOD”.
Man I was proud of its owner! And I really hoped to run into him or her just to meet them and to congratulate them for having the balls to do that.
We’re coming out of the closet.
Get ready for us, world.

Prinear 2 Apr 5

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My friend has " O Adam O"


Maryland has DC for a heart and if Satan was Satan his ZIP code will be in DC. MD is not bible belt.


We're coming for ya creationist cranks!


N0 60D would be a more declarative plate.....


Dare I point out that this could simply be a variation on "O God"? If that weren't available then "0 God" would be the backup plan? No, I dare not. Might cause disappointment. 😟

That's the way I read the plate as well.

@AMGT So did I.

Language is fun. Dare I say.

Hate to say it, but I thought Oh God too. ugh.


Well, that’s ‘NOVA’ 😀 … get down to Shawsville VA ..where the first state plate I read said: “WE B TEA” Just noticed our local law enforcement with ‘In God We….’ prominently displayed on their trunk lid.. At times like that ..I miss my home state, Oregon ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

Oh God - I seem to utter that quite a bit when I'm not really saying anything. I looked after a quite disabled child for a while as a teacher aide. He was articulate, but did not really live in the same place as everybody else, in a way. Anyway, after my care, he had adopted my habbit of muttering "Oh God" in pretty much my tone of voice. I did not teach him anything else. Ah well. Luckily his parents were not offended.


If you think Maryland is religious, you really need to get south more. I have a T-Rex eating an ichthus emblem on my car. I’ve had to replace it 7 times in 3 years. Had written hate notes under the wipers. Texas.

yeehah , stick it up yur grandma

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