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OMG I knew it was bad but there is more that will be discovered for years after he is out of office


whiskywoman 8 June 29

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dang, it won't let me go to the link. But I found this one!


yours is good too mine starts when he ragged Obama about a birth cert and goes all the way through march of 2020 its quite detailed and yet ill bet my liver there are more crimes and laws broken to add as they are proven

damn I can't either shit hell fire


@whiskywoman Thank you! That one worked! And you know there will be reams of info after the fact.

@Larimar I can add 2 or 3 right now from the news its incredibble


and stuff will be added as uncovered its unbelievable how corrupt


Keyser Söze would be proud. The scary thing is that so many so called Americans, so called patriots, and so called Christians identify with him so closely.

I know stupidity at its finest


lolol.... what a legacy to leave for those well deserving kids.

but most of us didn't deserve it he did manage to get some of us awake and paying attention

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