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Is it me or are some people especially kids preoccupied with cyber space ? They don't seem to connect with the real environment surrounding them + they are obssessed with getting likes , collecting friends that they will never meet . Obviously they're not all that way but lets take today for instance, a young girl crossed the road in front of me admittedly it was a pedestrian crossing , but she was so absorbed with her phone that she would not have seen a truck or a bus about to end her life , Do they ever look up or hear the sound of song birds and see the beauty of this wonderful planet we live on, or is it more important to get facebook likes ???

Wolfbat 6 Apr 6

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Cell phone addiction seems to be a real - and growing - problem. So many kids and young adults today don't appear to have any interpersonal skills at all. Orwell and Levin both warned of having this become reality. And here we are.


Have you read Last Child in the Woods? It's inspiring and sad all at the same time. It talks about our disconnect with nature.

Remi Level 7 Apr 7, 2018

I will check it out, thanks


Technology is great, it is awesome. But I agree, some people ttoally over do it, especially teenagers who are on it all night and then are unable to get up to go to school the next day.


I was born in 1967 and I can't remember a time until I got into my 40's that I ever looked up to hear the sound of songbirds or bear witness to the beauty of this planet. When I was a kid, long before computers and social media it was about playing marbles, racing bikes with baseball cards in the spokes, trying to win over the cutest girl in the class and building our version of a log cabin. And so kids having a narrow vision or being pre-occupied with themselves or their circle of friends is not a new thing. Having said that, the one thing that does concern me is the lack of imagination. I can remember writing letters to the girl I had a crush on, my grandmother, my parents (I was in foster care) and friends I had moved away from and in return I didn't receive pictures or videos - I received letters - well-written letters - in cursive mind you - where I had to use my imagination to interpret and understand the message they were trying to convey to me. I think that, above all else, has been lost and I'm not sure if we'll ever recover from it.

I am a decade older and from another continent, yet what you describe was the norm here as well. Kids at my school would kill a snake, frog or whatever as soon as look at it. I was always a loner, when I was about 10 the school got these amazing microscopes and I was allowed to access them whenever I wanted, none of the other kids were at all interested, they preferred cricket, football , whatever. I spent every lunch hour with the microscopes.


I'm sure they see what's around them just fine. Let's not be quasi-Luddites, here.

I'm no Ludite, I love social media and technology
I am an electrical engineer, the point I was stumbling to make was that a lot of people do
not seem connect with the reality around them

@SACatWalker you are projecting like a goddamn IMAX.


Actually, at the college in Virginia where I teach, one girl absorbed in her phone was hit by a truck and died hours later, with just enough to contact her parents. I believe she was on life support only to keep her alive long enough for her pparents to get to the hospital. Kids sadly don't seem aware of the real world Have you read W.T. Anderson's "Feed"? Imagine if, instead of cell phones, kids were plugged directly into the Net (here called the "Feed." ) The kids experience nothing but constant ads, parties, and chat---wired consumers. But one kid meets a girl who had her feed installed after she was an infant, and it's failing and affecting her motor abilities.


Every generation has whatever the latest technology is.
Mine had vinyl, pot, and concerts. Back when bands were actually good.
We were also the first ones to have cable tv, video games, and computers.


Seems like they need to redefine personality disorder over this one.


See this video


If you are just noticing this now, you are way behind things in the US... A plus for you in this case.

Ah well I'm always behind the times...But bugger me the worlds gone mad.

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