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Please VOTE, people!
Elect Joe! Elect Democrats!
It's not just Trump. In fact, he's an atypical fraud.
Biden has merged with Sanders. He's also identifying with Back Lives Matter, tying together the disparate and demoralized base, energizing them and giving them real hope for the first time in years.
I'm sure we'd all love to hear your enthusiastic hopes for the next four years, as we assume power and bring sanity back to the Halls of our federal government.
Don't let the trolls discourage you, speak up!

Storm1752 8 Aug 7

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Let us support decent pan-archy and pan-gratuity, not toxigangsteric vote and money.

tipi Level 7 Aug 15, 2020

Our local trolls are apparently not Atheists, or Agnostics … likely the first & second batches of US citizens marched to the chambers ..or disappeared.. ..if the Republicans cower to trump for another four years…

‘Why support Biden?’ -- the worst of them might demand..? Supreme Court, Relations with and Respect for the Free World. Care for the Environment. Atheist’s Rights! Respect and proper funding for Education. Separation of State and church. Workers Rights. Respect for Law. Respect for Science. Leadership & Experience. National Healthcare. Empathy to begin healing our nation…

There’s a reason most Presidents have been former Governors and not long-time Legislators.. Successful long-time legislators end up with decades of ‘votes.’ Votes they’d made ‘in a trade’ for support from ‘across the aisle’ ... in order to receive the same on more important legislation … or votes ‘of support’ for the opposition destined to lose or be vetoed. Deals - it’s how it works.

But get on an ol’ campaign train ..or today’s internet - and hecklers/ trolls demand they “explain their vote/s!” - one or a dozen votes -- out of thousands, over decades.. Perhaps impossible. But the question must be - who are they now? Have they grown? How will they lead - and in what direction? Biden appears a better choice than I’d originally thought … and if he ends up with a Congress (both The House of Reps. & The Senate) - looking to place a progressive cap on his achievements in politics - we’d all win ~

Varn Level 8 Aug 7, 2020

Thank you sir
We all know these trolls are trying to dampen our enthusiasm
We must call them out every time they try to equate Biden and Trump. Speak up and challenge them
Liberals have a reputation, let's shatter it.

@Storm1752 Haven’t had a Troll yet explain how a continued trump presidency would benefit us

I realize they’re anomalies … misfits of society seeking attention for being ‘different,’ but it sickens me to have them masquerading as Atheists or Agnostics..


A person doesn't need to subscribe to your chosen ideology to be an atheist/agnostic.

Not believing in god is totally unrelated to politics.

@RoboGraham Speaking of trolls…. ...incapable of answering the question as to how supporting trump by bashing Biden will advance Atheism or Agnosticism … obviously one-dimensional and incapable of adding pertinent input to discussions beyond self-destructive politics … it remains a troll 😕


That question wasn't asked to me.

I saw that you made a factual incorrect claim so I corrected you.

You are attempting to claim ownership of the atheist/agnostic identity by saying that people who don't agree with you politically are only "masquerading" as atheists/agnostics.

Typical self absorbed varnacle behavior.


Absolutely vote blue


4 more years of tramp would turn us into a 4th world country. Joe will have a confident team and start bring us back. He won't be able to do anything though unless we also take over the senate.

The Senate is the key, no question


Here here!

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