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There's been enough idiocy surrounding COVID-19 in London to launch a tip line? Then again, I guess I should be happy that we're actually doing something about it.

London launches phone line to report COVID violations.


Dyl1983 7 Aug 12

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The Canadian people are United. Trump had intentionally divided the American people. PM Johnson had caused division between UK and EU. He has made an attempt to unite the UK at this point. There have been positive signs there. US all negative, but for fantasy happy talk from the president.

And it keeps getting worse in the U.S.
We keep winning!!!!!! But, I see thst Brazil and India may be trying to catch up.
Our prez says if you don't test, you don't have cases - ok then, no need for anyone to ever take a pregnancy test because if you don't test, you aren't pregnant.

@Beowulfsfriend Bolsonaro in Brazil is just a despot and people are dying. India is the most density populated country in the planet with extreme poverty. That is a recipe for disaster unfortunately.

@barjoe Correct, which makes the U.S. an even bigger failure

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