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Are there historical religious figures that you respect? Any you have learned from?

GarytheGondolier 6 Apr 8

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I suspect that most historical figures were religious. Any respect for them would be about what they did rather than their religion.


I love Emma Goldman ; Red Emma, "If I can't damce I'm not coming to your revolution" - Also Ghandhi.


I believe that the character of Jesus without all of the supernatural nonsense was actually a pretty cool guy. I also like Moses (that guy was gangsta), Buddha and a few others.


Jesus of Nazareth, Shakyamuni Buddha, Krishna


Mr. Rogers


Bernie Sanders is the current one who springs to mind. He's a genuinely good and humble human being who works patiently for what he believes in and does not care about how he's perceived. Now if he weren't disinterested in how he's perceived, so that he could close the feedback loop and improve his presentation a bit ... and if his wife were not in over her head with that college she was running ... but, I know, it's asking for too much [sigh].

It's like this for everyone in history that I respect. I can't ever seem to get them on an actual pedestal. It's both a virtue and a vice.


@skado Mixed feelings here. He didn't pull it off last time, and now he's even more of "yet another elderly white guy" than he was in 2016, to the point that his advanced age will become more of an issue. And he hasn't been able to put the noisome allegations about his wife's running Burlington College into the ground to rest, or even to frankly address them publicly. He's got one foot off my pedestal and the other on a banana peel over that. Especially since he equivocated about releasing all his past tax returns in the 2016 campaign, probably because of what that would reveal. That's particularly awkward going up against Trump.

Mind you, I don't think the Jane Sanders affair amounts to nefarious intent, but it's clearly an embarrassing side show that he can ill-afford and doesn't seem either able or willing to put to rest. There seems to be a conflict between protecting his wife and being forthcoming, which makes him just another damned politician, at least in perception. And maybe even in reality. There, I said it. I love Bernie to death, and worked my heart out for him in 2016. But he's going to have to step up his game to keep my support.

the thing that bothers me about the atheist mindset is that there are to many socialists

@mordant That’s all true enough.
In 2016 I learned some things about my political philosophy.

  1. The hunger to be on the winning side has a corrupting effect in the long term. Vote for the candidate whose policies most nearly match your own. Let the chips fall.
  2. Don’t expect a candidate to be something other than human.
  3. Don’t let politics ruin your day.

@woodmann6 Atheists tend to be leaning more politically liberal but that is because they tend to think critically and non-dogmatically and that inherently makes them less rigid and more open.

I hope you understand the difference between democratic socialism and socialism if you're going to be critiquing it. Most young people today, encouragingly, know the difference and do not automatically assume unbridled capitalism is the only possible way to run a just and civil society.


That was the first person I thought of too.



The first one that jumped in my brain is christ, hey he seem like a respectable guy. I'm just sayin just because I don't believe doesn't mean I don't respect.

I agree. He was actually really compassionate. I honestly wish that Christians actually lived like Christ supposedly did. How the Christians are the exact opposite of Christ I will never understand.


St Francis up to a point. OK he could not think freely for himself and was overly obedient to the papacy, but in those days, it was either that or the bonfire.


Martin Luther, Erasamus, Bart Erhman, Christopher Hitchens, Calvin Butts, Nelson Mandella, Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, General George Patton, MLK, Malcolm X, Thomas Merton, Hannah Senesch, Ahed Tamini. They all stood in defiance of Authority and faced opposition to expose the truth which cost them their lives standing up to what they believed to be the truth.


Those LadyAlyxandrea mentioned, Pope Francis, Thomas Merton, Dr. MLKing, Rev. Wm. Barber, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bernie Sanders (yes I know) Bro. David Steindl-Rast, list could go on...

skado Level 9 Apr 8, 2018


JK666 Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

Ghandi? I guess. Dali lama is pretty decent

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