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I see the world of Deus Ex someday possibly becoming a reality...

How Deus Ex Human Revolution could be a prediction of the future-

The article of course didn't even get into the social problems we've been experiencing over the past months, with distrust towards those in positions of authority who abuse their power. Certainly interesting times we live in...

SpikeTalon 9 Aug 23

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Honestly the most unrealistic part of that game is everyone's bodies rejecting the prostheses after a few years. I mean have you heard of hip replacements, developers? Lol

Actually, that's not all that far off reality. It's why they will avoid full replacements in younger people if at all possible. Eventually they will need revised. Maybe not in a mere few years but when you've still got upwards of 20 or more to live you can pretty well expect it.

@Amzungu Perhaps I should have been clearer. Hip replacements will wear down and need another replacement, but your body doesn't attack them like an organ from an incompatible donor. And, like you said, they can be replaced again; IIRC, in DX, everyone with them takes anti rejection drugs and eventually even that's not enough (which is why the inventor no longer has a prosthetic arm when you meet him).

@Janus819 Well that certainly makes more sense, then. Like I said, I'm not a gamer, but I am an operating room nurse. 😉 thank you for the clarification.


Certainly an interesting thought experiment. I am not a gamer, but did read the article. I also enjoyed the Altered Carbon series on Netflix and thought it was a thought provoking display of some of the ways AI could be incorporated into our distant future, though it seems difficult to find a representation that eliminates the true baseline social ills that are experienced around the globe, and seems to come to the same end of those who control the tech also control those who rely upon it to live. I'd like to see a shift in that end. I think the most powerful human potential comes from cooperation, and we seem to have far less of that in our world these days to be making any progress in the social arena. Compromise has been replaced with extreme end demands on all sides, when I personally think meeting in the middle is where the majority of the human race truly wins.

Well said, I certainly agree on the coming to the middle part.

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