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Look at these beautiful kaleidoscope patterns. They are so intricate and very, very rarely is the same pattern repeated twice. We would be silly and naive to attribute these patterns within a kaleidoscope to the hand of God...because we know that the designs are actually created by two reflecting surfaces tilted at an angle to each other within this instrument. We also know that the patterns are governed by the rather complicated rules of probability. Yet, when it comes to snowflakes, fingerprints, and human eyes, most humans take the default and intellectually 'lazy' stance that these are all the miracles of an Almighty God.
We need to stop being a primitive species, which attributes all things unknown and/or misunderstood to 'God'.

Green_Soldier71 7 Aug 24

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Pretty like Mandelbrot equations


I see nothing "godlike" in art, but those are lovely.


Funny in't it how the nice and the beautiful and helpful bits of life are miracles of Gawd, but ugly and dangerous thing and happening are nothing to do with "Him" and are surely happenstance, coincidence or just darn bad luck.


They say no two snowflakes are alike, but it would be impossible to look at every snowflake in the universe.
Snowflakes are made of simple water molecules, yet each snowflake seems irreducibly complex, another hateful term the Christian dominionist toss around a lot.
Don't tell them but nothing known to science is irreducibly complex.
Snowflakes also prove you can get a lot of complexity from damned humble materials.

@Green_Soldier71 We've already found people with matching fingerprints. 🙂


There used to be some idiot preacher who would throw out that "miracle of gawd is present in the perfection of the human eye" bullshit. Then people started pointing out he was wearing glasses.

That shut him up! 😀

Leelu Level 6 Aug 24, 2020

You're preaching to the choir.


Reality is wonderful enough without attributing it to a sky fairy.


preaching to the choir, buddy


Tell that to the believers. They're the ones who insist on magical sky fairies being at the center of everything.


I love kaleidoscopes. You are so right many people take the lazy way out when it comes to understanding intricate beauty.

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