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Bacteria from Earth can survive in space and could endure the trip to Mars, according to new study


FearlessFly 9 Aug 28

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The bacteria studied were within the Earths' magnetoshpere, not subject to the radiation in 'deep space'

I was just offering another point of matter to come to Earth.

@dalefvictor It is also possible that it happened entirely without 'alien' sources :


@FearlessFly Of course it is. This is something that people are investigating. When they reach a conclusion they publish and then it is up to others to see if they can get the same result. The only way to get an answer that is conclusive is to find the same molecules in or on another planet or moon, or piece of matter from a place not Earth. If there is nothing else in space and we are the only life in the Galaxy, then we can say that we came from Earth without any help from another place.


Panspermia the movement of live material from one planet or moon to another. The Solar System has traversed the Galaxy at least fifty times since it began, live material could have come from any number of sources.

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