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It looks like I'm not the only one that fears for my country.

Lorajay 8 Sep 2

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This morning, on NPR, was a report about record and growing deficit. It was reported, at the present rate, it will be more than our GDP. Do we really want the country to go bankrupt? It's just one more item on how bad this fool has taken this country and how many have fallen victim to the nonsense MAGA theme. Most of this is due to religion and I strongly feel a big portion has to do with the crashing rates of religious zealots. They see this as a last gasp measure to rebuild their phony ideology. Unfortunately, it is backfiring and, in the end we will all lose.
One positive note is that it is becoming evident to some medical professionals he is having heart issues (really?). All the pressure during this time and his loss of ratings (and his disgusting diet) all add to his crashing inevitable crashing.


I have never been so fearful on a daily basis that we will have martial law put upon us!!!

We have already been isolated and locked down without any clear path without any end in sight!!!

Our wealth, our livelihoods, our economy with over 55 million unemployed, over 40 million who can afford to pay their rent or mortgages soon to be homeless!!!

93% of the print, Fabio, and TV media in this country is owned by six right wing conservatives corporations!!!

We are lied too on a daily basis!!!

Yes, I a. Scared beyond anything which has ever transpired in my or your life time!!!

This has been a slow moving obstructionist republican fascist Coup d’Tat over the last fifty years!!!

The vast majority now can state we are not better off than our parents, especially in the last three years with this Coronavirus pandemic used to harbor complete control over us to enslavement without our consent!!!

I wish this was not happening, I fear we are no longer a nation, but an overtly divided uncivil society on the brink of of no return!!

As these evangelistic’s would state”May god have mercy on our souls”!!!

The words of this Procul Harum song the “Autumn of my madness”. Just keeps echoing in my mind!!!




It's real simple: VOTE!! trump's people will most definitely vote. We do outnumber them, but liberals and moderates from both parties sometimes get lazy. Remember 2016? Around 100,000,000 eligible voters chose not to participate and l would bet most of them were not conservatives.


R sent me that this morning, and I sent it on to my mother. Glad you shared this here. I certainly wish the news organizations would call Trump out and stop tiptoeing around the issues.

FB is increasingly censoring and checking posts and it was announced they will not post any political messages the week before the election.


Yes on every count.
However it is not simply Trump's doing, it is the fruition of a long term plan that began with Reagan and Thatcher, a steadfast dripping of corrosive policies that took away rights, values, ethics, and re-branded empathy and concern as weakness, charity as theft and heroism as foolishness.
Where the strong no longer protect the weak, they trample them as lesser, because strength no longer means fortitude of character, determination and fitness in mind and body, it means the power of cash, the will hate and a form of fear filled pragmatic paranoia against those who MUST NOT be trusted!
Who are they?
The kind, the compassionate, the altruistic, the generous, the poor, in short the WEAK and the different.
Even those who call themselves left wing or liberal have been changed.
Motivated by anger and frustration in to abandoning their traditional ways in favour of "direct action" they submit to radicalisation. They rely on the thrusting forward of he or she with the loudest mouth in the hope of being heard, a policy that has backfired spectacularly, turning the left in to a lunatic fringe, a hoard of minutia obsessed busy bodies and nitpickers. People who in the eyes of "the common folk" are a more terrifying threat to "normal life" than the covert fascism of the right.
So why facilitate the rise to power of utter morons like Trump and Boris? Well for exactly that reason, they are morons, uncontrollable but highly dangerous. They were aimed like guns and fired in to the heart of democracy in the sure and certain hope that they would kill it dead.
Who will ever trust a system again that could deliver men like this in to high office? "It will have to go," the survivors will say. "We cannot take that risk again!"
Moreover, the Conservatives of the UK and the Republicans of the USA will, tut, sigh, and say "reluctantly"-
"Quite so, these terrible men were tragic anomalies, but they did not represent REAL right wing politics, only we can deliver that, only we can save OUR society. Put us in charge indefinitely and we shall put things right, and after we do we will usher in a new form of safe reliable governance, "eventually" and we will all live happily ever after, for ever and ever amen."
Make no mistake, western society as we know it is already dead, it is a chicken running about with it's head cut off, ready for the plucking and roasting. Who we allow to do that and how badly we get burned is the main worry for the future


I’ve been seeing this since before Trump was elected. He was a demagogue in his business and was not likely to change anything in his elected capacity. He believes he is untouchable and after almost four years, he has been proven right. I fear for the future of our country more than any other time in my life.

Ditto! I knew trump’s reputation as a con man and a dead beat (with not paying contractors) in the late 90’s.


Heed this

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